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Bookish owl earrings January 27, 2011

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Want! How cute are these earrings? I love owls! The earrings are handmade from old books and newspapers and they look lovely bookish. (There is also a necklace and brooch available.)


Amazing private library September 28, 2008

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There are libraries and libraries. Most of them for the public. Some of them Private. The American Jay Walker is lucky enough to have a fantastic Private library. Even though it is not something the common collector and reader could own, I hope it will be inspiring to see. Something to dream about. Wish upon. Click here to see photo’s and read some background information.

If you are interested in home libraries, follow this link.

Thanks to Susan for the link.


The best of Kimbooktu August 15, 2008

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It’s summer and everybody’s busy. I thought it might be a nice idea to give you some posts that have been a real hit with the readers. In case you missed it. The particular posts most have been good, since the readers of Kimbooktu clicked on it so much. Sometimes I am really surprised by the post you favor most…. The topics you clicked on so much were not necessarily my favorite topics. The posts that I found worth most reading are mentioned below too.

Your most favorite reads

  1. The most popular post of Kimbooktu off all time – according by clicks – is about a new sort of chair in libraries (9,896 views!). Click here to see what the fuss is about.
  2. The second most popular link is the Bookish Blog List with 2,529 views. I am really happy about this, since it is a lot of work to provide you with such a database. I hope you bookish blog freaks are very content with your discoveries/visits. There are some fantastic bookish blogs out there! You can view the list of bookish blogs via this link.
  3. Number Three of my most visited blogs is about the librarians on You Tube. These films are really fun to watch. You all have watched this topic 2,293 times. Click here to see the initial post.

My favorite posts

I love to inform you about the latest reading gadgets and other related stuff. What I like most is to write articles about bookish things, to write about products or events I actually experienced. Below are the topics that are my personal favorites, in a non-specific order.

  1. Kimbooktu went to Las Vegas (USA) and tried to fiend a bookstore in The City of Sin. Click here to read the post.
  2. We also visited the German city of Heidelberg and found bookish heaven on earth. Click here to find out more.
  3. We all love books, but how do we take care of them? Via this article, Kimbooktu hopes to inform you.


Become an BD (Doctor of Books)! August 13, 2008

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If you buy second-hand books this post might be of interest to you. As a book collector I often buy old, second hand books. No matter how good the condition of the book, it always needs a little attention. (You do not want, for instance, to contaminate you other books with nasty invisible critters that inhabited the book when living with the previous owner.)

I have been reading a lot about the care for second-hand and/or old books recently. This caused that I do not only find the care a necessity, but fun too! Below I will share some tips, products and points of interest that I either read or found out about from experience. If you have any tips, please share them in the comments! Click on ‘more’ to see how you can be a BD!



Bookish Blog Links August 8, 2008

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I moved some more blogs to the Bookish Blog Links Website. My gosh what a task! I have now done all the blogs from the original list up until the begin letter P. I try to move the rest of the links to the website this month. I hope you enjoy the website with the links to all of those wonderful bookish blogs. Go and check it out, you might find a blog you fall in love with!

For all the people who e-mailed me the link of their blog; please be patient. I will move the existing list first. After that I will start to update the list with the fresh links you send me!

If you have a bookish blog, enter your site. Click here to learn more.

Click here to visit!


What do you use for a bookmark? April 9, 2008

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A recent post (to view here) made me wonder what you use for a bookmark. The comments of the post revealed that probably most of you use something different than a ‘proper’ bookmark. Even though I collect bookmarks, I have to admit that I usually use cash receipts to find my way back to a page. Or a napkin.

Let me know in the comments what your bookmark of choice is!


Bookish Wallpaper II February 13, 2008

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I posted some bookish images recently, for you to use as a desktop wallpaper. This is the second – and final – part. (If you missed part I, click here.) Here are seven new ideas to brighten up your screen:


A tree for every book September 20, 2007

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I got this link recently for my Bookish Blog Links A-Z. Since I found it quite different and interesting, I decided to inform you about it. The link is to a blog called Eco Libris. According to them; “About 20 million trees are being cut down every year to produce paper for books sold in the U.S. alone.” 20 million?!

I find the claim quite interesting. I never really think about the trees that have to be cut down to make paper. Quite strange, since I am not only a book lover, but a huge fan of nature as well. And I do know paper comes from trees! I (almost) feel guilty… If you have come to the same revelation and you want to do something about your nagging guilt…

“Eco-Libris is offering book lovers an easy and affordable way to do something about it – plant one tree for every book they read.” According to their website you can “Balance out your books”, by planting 10 trees for 10 dollars. You receive a sticker (made from recycled paper, of course) for every tree you plant. You can learn more about it by clicking the links below, or read their news release here.

Click here to go to the Eco Libris blog. Or click here to go directly to the website that helps you “make up” for your reading.


Book ice bucket April 2, 2007

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This must be one of the strangest book gadgets I have ever posted. I would like to meet the person who thought it would be a good idea to produces these ice buckets. How do you come up with something like that, I wonder… But on the other hand, if you are in need of an ice bucket, why not pick this one? If  you are tempted, click here for more information on this product.

Book ice bucket