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* About me * December 21, 2006


If you want to find out more about me, you have come to the right place. My name is Kim, which you probably already figured out. I was born on the very cold and snowy January 23. 1979 in Amsterdam. Yes, I live in The Netherlands, The Hague to be precise. I share a apartment with my husband, two cats and Jack Russell Terrier. Oh, and a few hundred books. I cannot be exact, because the amount is growing rapidly. I recently had to swap the library and the sitting room. Now the biggest room in the house is for my precious books and their yet to come friends.

Anyway. I’ve been a avid book lover/bibliophile since I was 18. My main interest is Dutch, English and American literature. My husband is more into, mostly English, fantasy novels. My passion for books also causes me to collect items that have to do with books and reading. This can vary from a simple postcard depicting books to figurines carrying a book. Anything, really.

There is a lot to find on the web about literature et cetera. But no website that contains articles and products that have to do with reading. Reading gadgets, if you will. Until now. I have been longing for a site with stuff that I could lust for. And occasionally buy. This is why I decided to start a blog with reading gadgets myself. Very rapidly I found out that a lot of people were also waiting for a site like this.

I was proud to welcome my 10,000th visitor after only three weeks. Amazing. The website has no advertisements of the companies I write about. They often do not even know I have featured one of their products. So, if you are wondering about it, this blog is not making me rich any time soon. My main goal is to inform fellow book lovers about the stuff that is for sale.

I hope you enjoy this website!



PS. Want to learn more about me? Check this post.

PPS. Also check this website, where I collect home libraries.




46 Responses to “* About me *”

  1. brandi Says:

    I just found your site and I love it! I have found many gifts for myself and the other readers in my family. Thank you for putting this all together.

  2. Johanna Says:

    Hoi Kim,

    Leuke website…bekend gemaakt door de ALA waar ik lid van bent. Ik ben van Delft maar woon nu in Oregon. Werk jij in de bibliotheek?

    Groetjes en veel success!

  3. kimbooktu Says:

    @ Brandi: Thank you so much for the compliment. I love working on this website.

    @ Joanna: I will answer your post in English instead of Dutch, if that is okay with you. How great that you live in Oregon. How does a girl from the Dutch Delft gets to live there?

    No, I do not work in a library. I would like to tough. The only library I work in, is my own private one, haha.

  4. caveblogem Says:

    Congratulations on the explosive growth of your blog, Kim. It looks as if you have found a real niche, a demand crying to be filled. Have you ever heard of They have some pretty cool book stuff. I don’t know whether they ship internationally, but they are worth a look.

  5. kimbooktu Says:

    It seems I have! I was always looking for a site like this. At one point I was fed up, because I could not find any websites specialised in book gadgets. So I made one myself! It is a lot of fun, I have to say.

    I have heard of the site. I have lined up some of their products to be posted in the near future. Thank you for the suggestion, tough!

  6. JV Says:

    Kim, I liked your blog as it represnts your passion for books.

    I have blogrolled you blog.

    I am sure you must have heard about, if not try it. (however their gadget yet not work with WordPress, as it has javascript in it, but still intersting concept)


  7. D S Says:

    Kim, great blog. I’ve blogrolled this blog too!

  8. aleonblue Says:

    Love your blog – some really interesting gadgets and book-associated stuff! I’m going to pass your blog onto ome BookCrossing, BookGroup and Librarian friends, who I think will enjoy this very much!

    Noela from Australia
    (fellow Bookrosser & book lover)

  9. kimbooktu Says:

    Thank you all for your nice words! I am very happy that you like my blog. And that you spread the word! The hundreds of visitors every day make the pain staking search for gadgets worth it!

  10. booksden Says:

    Hi Kim,

    I’m so glad I found your site. I also have a great number of books all over my home. I will add you to my blogroll. Stop by and visit when you get a chance.

    Clary Lopez

  11. bookishlore Says:

    I’ve just found your wonderful, marvellous blog and I LOVE it! You’ve made my day! I’m deeply grateful for your efforts. Please, keep going.


  12. squint Says:

    Great site! The first blog I have ever liked – inspired me to create my own (empty for now). I see your birthday is coming up! I suggest some birthday themed library stuff for that day, or perhaps a well-deserved day off!!!!


  13. kimbooktu Says:

    @Squint: Birthday themed library stuff? All the library stuff is like a present!

    If this blog makes you greedy and lusty, think what it does to me 🙂

  14. cobi Says:

    Las het NRC artikel en geniet van je site. Ik zal zeker nog vaak terugkomen.

    Bij de films over boeken ontbreekt m.i. het zeer romantische 84 Charing Cross Road.

    Als liefhebster van boeken zul je daar zeker van genieten.

    Vriendelijke groeten,

    Cobi van Mourik

  15. cobi Says:


    Ik hoop dat je mijn voorgaande commentaar kunt verwijderen (en dit), want ik had de inleiding van je filmlijstje niet gelezen. Dom, dus.


  16. Yara Says:

    Hey Kim,

    echt een hele leuke site, sites over boeken zijn altijd goed! Een product dat ik zelf erg leuk vind heb ik nog niet kunnen vinden bij jou, dus bij deze: de SELFSHELF. Je kan deze bestellen via internet bij verschillende sites, onder andere bij
    Verder heb ik nog een goed bedoelde raad, laat af en toe iemand een spot check doen, wat soms spel je Engelse woorden verkeerd, zoals “view” in plaats van “few”… Succes met deze site, ik blijf hem in de gaten houden, in ieder geval heb ik mooie cadeautjes gevonden!

    Vriendelijke groeten, Yara

  17. kimbooktu Says:

    Hi Yara,
    I am going to reply in English, if you don’t mind. I am aware of the fact that I make some spelling mistakes. Thank you for pointing out one of my regulars. The spell check does not notice mistakes like that.


  18. Heleen Heusdens Says:

    Kim,You make my day, and will make many other days , i’m sure.
    I reallly do not know where to start reading your site,ALL the items are very appealing/ tempting.
    My passion lies also in the somewhat unknown area of books & everything about most bookstores no more than 4,5 books about this on the shelve.
    And I am always thinking about the ultimate reading chair , bookends , etc. and f.i. my (small)house is full of dubbel stacked shelves, which makes it difficult to enjoy my own books, so I am also looking for some nice wall to wall bookcases, which are not to expensive.
    To Cobi ,I must have missed the NRC-article, what was the date ?
    And , I múst tell you this funny coincidence…..just the other week I was asked during a Marketing Research session what my favourite book is, so I said ….- 84 Charing Cross Road, of which of course nobody had ever heard of. [ and I also love that film.]
    Thanks to Kim and all of you who contribute to this tempting site , Heleen Heusdens , Rotterdam

  19. kimbooktu Says:

    Hi Heleen!

    Thank you for you nice words! I love the 84. charing cross road book ánd movie too. I have cried my eyes oud, haha.

    If you want to read the NRC articles. Type in NRC in the search box. I have placed them on the site. I am very happy to welcome all those Dutch readers!


  20. Carla Meerleveld Says:

    Hoi Kim,

    After just shortly checking my mail today…, I now find myself enjoying Your Kimbooktu-site for the last 3 hours!!
    This Says enough I think…

    Yours Sincere, Carla

  21. angus Says:

    Very neat sight. And you even gave me a mention. Many thanks.

  22. The Reporter Says:

    Wow!! Your site is terrific!

  23. Lia Says:

    Hi Kim,
    just found your website, I’ll look into it, being a librarian and alsways interested in books and literature. I’m from the Netherlands also (Brabant). Succes, Lia

  24. Wow. This is a pretty cool site. Your Shelves is a fun site, too.

  25. kildavimes Says:

    i just found your site (while looking for librarian pics for a post) and i love love love it! since i recently had to move from my old apartment to a new one in order to accommodate my books, i can certainly relate.

  26. Ceoxtc Says:

    Great site! Stumbled across it when I was looking for diamond-shaped bookcases like these:

    I clicked on every page of your blog. Nice to know there are others out there who treasure books as much as I do. 550 in the collection and counting! I also came across this site (Italian) which seems like it fits within your eclectic gallery:

    I will send the link of your blog to all my bookloving friends. All the best from Maryland, USA! 🙂

  27. Booklover Says:

    This is the best book blog I have come across in a long time. You are inspiring. My blog is just staring, and I’d love to list you on my links page. For some reason I am unable to link to the email, so I posted here. I hope that is okay. You are really doing a service for the book, and blogging worlds!
    Thank You!

  28. shea Says:

    I like your site. I might enter your contest.

  29. bookcrazy Says:

    Loved the blog. Specially the book case designing aspect – well, I never thought there could be so much to that. Thanks for a compilation of all that may interest a book lover beyond books.

  30. Jules Says:

    Hi Kim! I like your site! I hope you don’t mind if I put you in my blogroll 🙂

  31. Harry Says:

    Leuke website. Bij Jolie Maison keuze uit vele woonaccessoires en decoraties voor binnen en buiten

  32. Rey Ybarra Says:

    What a very nice site for readers. Great concept Kim. I too love books. I host and produce Best Selling Author Television. My show features online television interviews featuring local, independent, national and international best selling authors. Please check out my vlog site at

    Talk to you soon.

    Rey Ybarra

  33. Hi Kim Says:

    I would like to know if you have the lighted book cover for sale. The ones on the web site. with the light in the stem of the book cover. Thank you

  34. Kendra Says:

    I LOVE your site! I stumbled upon it today while looking for Christmas gifts for the book lovers on my list. I love to read as well. I especially like the yourshelves link. It is so interesting!

  35. Bunnybaby Says:

    I’m so glad I get to discover your site! This is introduced by my book-lover-friend. Keep up the good work 🙂

  36. maria Says:

    hi kim,
    i am really interested on the tangram bookcase made in italy. i don’t know where to order it online or buy it here in USA. so, can you help me out? i really appreciate it. please email me. please


  37. Debra Lynn Says:

    Hello Kim. I came across your site afew weeks ago. I really enjoy looking at the libraries of other books lovers across the globe. Thank you for bringing us all together.

  38. Josie Says:

    I just stumbled upon your site, didn’t go through it all yet, but I LOVE it already. I was really waiting to find a blog like yours. So, thank you very much for deciding to take the time to make such a wonderful place on the net.

  39. Bella Says:

    I was researching about vending machines of books then I stumbled upon your site. I immediately approached my mom cause’ she’s also a fan of book and she’s been busy on her private library. 😀 She told me to bookmark your page and I really find this website Cool and amazing! I hope you update your site more often. 🙂

  40. Sandra Says:

    I loved your blog =D

  41. Wg.Cdr. Bellie Jayaprakash Says:

    Came here from PC Advisor’s top 10 list. Being a blogger on WP –, I was curious to know more. What stuck me first is the beautiful layout. Since my daughter is a great book lover and in fact works as a senior editor with a publishing company in New delhi, I am happy to forward this weblog link to her. Congrats

  42. Aaronjop Says:

    приватный чит для ксго – вх для кс 1.6, легитный чит купить

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