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Bookish Wallpaper II February 13, 2008

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I posted some bookish images recently, for you to use as a desktop wallpaper. This is the second – and final – part. (If you missed part I, click here.) Here are seven new ideas to brighten up your screen:


2 Responses to “Bookish Wallpaper II”

  1. Love the bookworm one! It’s too cute! You find the best book stuff on your site!

    And on a related note, did you know you can get a free book download from Oprah’s website? But only through 8 pm Eastern Time/U.S. I posted about it on my blog at – you might want to mention it on your blog too, to help spread the word!

    -Talking Books Librarian

  2. Georgie Lee Says:

    Neat idea. I like the old book ones.

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