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Book ice bucket April 2, 2007

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This must be one of the strangest book gadgets I have ever posted. I would like to meet the person who thought it would be a good idea to produces these ice buckets. How do you come up with something like that, I wonder… But on the other hand, if you are in need of an ice bucket, why not pick this one? If  you are tempted, click here for more information on this product.

Book ice bucket


3 Responses to “Book ice bucket”

  1. stshores24 Says:

    Huh. Might as well, I guess. Weird.

  2. I can completely understand. This is the way to hide all the drinking paraphernalia from your library when drinking is the only thing done in it.

    “Honey, I’ll bein the library, casually browsing the books” sounds a lot better then: “Honey, I’m going to finish those two bottles of Glenfiddich in one hour”

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