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Bookish wallpaper I January 26, 2008

Filed under: Books all sorts,Handy,Miscellaneous — Kim @ 1:39 am

I thought you might like some wallpaper. No, not the stuff for your walls, but the things for your computer desktop. I browsed the web for some nice large bookish images to make your computer a bit more bookish. These are the a view I came up with. I will post more of them next week. (Click the image to see the large file.)

In case you do not know how to set the image as a wallpaper, do the following: Click a picture above and right click on the large image. Choose ‘save as’ and save the picture on your computer. When it is saved, right click the file and choose ‘set as wallpaper’. Hey presto!


5 Responses to “Bookish wallpaper I”

  1. I like the 1st one. Great job

  2. […] to use as a desktop wallpaper. This is the second – and final – part. (If you missed part I, click here.) Here are seven new ideas to brighten up your […]

  3. Tiesto Says:

    Thank You.Very Good. 🙂

  4. Heather Says:

    Thanks so much!

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