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Amazing private library September 28, 2008

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There are libraries and libraries. Most of them for the public. Some of them Private. The American Jay Walker is lucky enough to have a fantastic Private library. Even though it is not something the common collector and reader could own, I hope it will be inspiring to see. Something to dream about. Wish upon. Click here to see photo’s and read some background information.

If you are interested in home libraries, follow this link.

Thanks to Susan for the link.


6 Responses to “Amazing private library”

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  2. Martin Says:

    Wow, this man is a real book lover (and very rich) To me he appears almost insane, going further than every man can, at least Joe the Plumber. But his library is my utmost dream. Compared to him my library is nothing. Anyway: now I know what I want to dream and make real. Thanks for posting!

  3. dsuzuki Says:

    Wow, that library is 3 times the size of my entire house. I would be in heaven with a library that large.

  4. kimbooktu Says:

    @ Martin: It’s still my dream too. If only I had a bigger house. And more money. Loads more money 🙂

  5. clary Says:

    I haven’t been here for a while and what a trip you sent me on!! Fabulous space, I wish I could have a third of it. It is an inspiration to me, that’s for sure.

    thank you.

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