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What do you use for a bookmark? April 9, 2008

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A recent post (to view here) made me wonder what you use for a bookmark. The comments of the post revealed that probably most of you use something different than a ‘proper’ bookmark. Even though I collect bookmarks, I have to admit that I usually use cash receipts to find my way back to a page. Or a napkin.

Let me know in the comments what your bookmark of choice is!


26 Responses to “What do you use for a bookmark?”

  1. Emily Says:

    I collect bookmarks as well, but I rarely use any of my collection. Instead, I use bookmarks from my favorite bookstore, Strand. They are not stingy with their bookmarks, you can take several as you pay for your books. They are cute, too.

  2. Marg Says:

    I have loads of bookstore bookmarks and they are the ones that I tend to use, although I do also have a couple that were made for me by a friend that I use all the time too!

  3. Empty Says:

    I have a small piece of heavy weight drawing paper (the really, really thick stuff) decorated by my better half. Since it has sentimental value, I’ve managed to keep track of it for over 3 years now. A bookmark record for me. …but if I’m reading more than 1 book at a time, I resort to receipts, envelopes, whatever.

  4. Carolina Says:

    A sheet, a receipt, a bus/bank/shop… ticket, a napkin, a note or post-it, an envelope, a pen (provisional measure)…
    the question is… what can NOT be a bookmark? Do bookmarks really exist on their own? Or everything in life can be a bookmark? In this case, does that word refer to something abstract?
    Joking, I like them.

  5. Genevieve Says:

    I agree with Carolina: anything flat can be a bookmark: napkins (clean ones), the receipt printout of books I got from the library, an index card, junk mail, those annoying blow-in cards you find in magazines and catalogs… I do have a few bookmarks from friends who know I read a lot, but somehow it’s too much work to keep track of them. Also, I tend to have more than one book going at a time, so I grab whatever’s handy. A fun aside for this thread would be looking at what librarians find in books that are returned: money, letters, post-its, and many other much weirder items.

  6. Wendy Says:

    I love bookmarks – and I have several that I rotate around. I’ve used scraps of paper before, but rarely…because if I have a pretty or interesting bookmark, why use something ugly? *laughs*

  7. Kat Says:

    I actually tried to use a cute little bookmark for awhile, but they disappear without a trace, so lately I’ve been using a paper clip. And if I lose it, I’ve got a bazillion more!

  8. Amy Says:

    I actually rarely use bookmarks. I tend to loose them, so I have fallen into the habit of mentally recording my page number in my brain and searching for the page later on. Book marks I have used include whatever objects (flat or not) that is lying around. As long as it won’t stain or break my book, I’m game.

  9. I use the receipts for the library books which I have checked out as bookmarks. They are just the right size and length to make good bookmarks.

  10. Wayne Says:

    Business cards!! If I don’t have one I picked up at a boring meeting, I use one of my own. Funny when I pick a book off the shelf and see one of my old cards from a job years ago or the card of someone that in retrospect I should have kept!

  11. kimbooktu Says:

    @ Empty: How wonderful to use bookmarks decorated by the one you love! I envy you!

    @ Carolina: Indeed, almost everything can function as a bookmark. I would not recommend the use as cucumbers, though. 🙂

    @ Cat: A paper clip! That cannot be good for your pages!

    @ Wayne: Business Cards are great too. I also find business cards of people I knew three jobs ago in my books!

  12. Sheila Says:

    I used to just use folded pieces of paper or the cover of the book. But lately I’ve been using slips of paper that my daughter draws on. 🙂

  13. Lauren Says:

    I collect bookmarks. Right now, I think my collection is around 1,200, most of them antique ones. There are ones for food, home, science, authors, book festivals, book prizes, book stores, government, WWI, WWII, foreign, gifts, garden, inspirational, metal, homemade, funny and many more categories.

    Whenever I start a new book, I go through my collection — which is on black cardstock, held on by clear plastic photo corners with the pages put into plastic page holders and stored in special black boxes, all archival quality — and find the right one for that particular book. When I am done, I then return it to its home. Sometimes, but thankfully not often, if I don’t finish a book I forget to return it and may discover it, to my absolute delight, weeks, months and even years later.

    By the way, Kim and readers, the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books is coming up. There are always lots of bookmarks there. If anyone wants any, please let me know. I would be happy to send some to you. You can reach me via my e-mail address on my web site.

  14. David Baker Says:

    I always carry 3X5 cards around in my pocket, so I usually use one of them for a bookmark. If I am reading a non-fiction book they often come in handy for taking a note about what I have read.


  15. Kristy Says:

    something thin. I find that white recipe cards work best. I can jot things down on them and they don’t make marks in my book. I have a book collection but that’s purely for the joy of just seeing them sitting in a coffee cup in my library. I love metal bookmarks, hate what they do to my books.

    So I agree with many other’s here….

  16. Saipanwriter Says:

    I use bookmarks from stores, from authors, from any promo. I use post cards. I use anything roughly the right size, flat, and attractive. ( I don’t typically use plain index cards or business cards or those annoying magazine advertising inserts. I also don’t use/don’t like the kind of bookmark with ribbons or tassles or flexible metal or plastic clips–the kinds sold at Borders and other chain bookstores.)

    I keep my bookmarks on the edge of one of my bookshelves, so they’re always handy, and I know where to return them or drop off new ones.

    I hate the dog-ear method of marking one’s place in books–my daughter uses this (despite my objection). I cringe at the open book, flat down, broken spine method of keeping place (although I must confess I’ve used this in the past on cheap paperbacks). At work, in haste, I’ve used post-it notes.

    For me, the book mark is just a handy way to find my way back into the thick of things, so whatever works is okay.

  17. kimbooktu Says:

    @ Lauren: You can send bookmarks to me anytime… I just started my small collection a short while ago. I want to put more time and effort into it in the near future.

    Right now I have them on display on an empty shelve in my new library. This is not ideal, since they get dusty. How do you store/display your collection of bookmarks, you queen of all bookmark collectors? (1,200?! Wow!)

    @ All: Any ideas for displaying a collection of bookmarks?

  18. Bibliophile Says:

    I can easily find my place in books I am actively reading without using bookmarks, but I use them anyway because sometimes I put aside a book for weeks at a time and then have a hard time remembering where I left off. Most often I use regular bookmarks or postcards, both of which I collect. I have a number of very nice bookmarks from the local and national libraries, often commemorating the birthdays or anniversaries of famous authors, like H.C. Andersen, Anton Chekov or Astrid Lindgren. I laminate those to keep them pristine. Bookshop bookmarks I use until they go soft and wrinkled and then I throw them out, unless they have a nice design, in which case I laminate them. My favourite – which I lose and then find again on a regular basis – is a tasseled plastic bookmark with an illustration from Saint-Exupéry’s “Little Prince”.

    I like to match the bookmark to the book: the Little Prince bookmark, for example, I almost exclusively use for children’s books, the Lonely Planet bookmark for travel literature, etc.

  19. I use all kinds of things–receipts, ticket stubs, etc. I also like to use my own bookshop’s business cards, probably since I have so many of them around… 🙂

    BTW, If anyone’s interested and is into Flickr, there are a few bookmark groups that I know of:


    Advertising Bookmarks:

    Vintage Bookmarks:

    Since I buy books all the time to resell in my bookshop, I’m always finding what other people like to use as bookmarks. I’ve found all kinds of weird stuff–candy wrappers, straws, pieces of yarn, toilet paper, etc. One time, a condom wrapper! I find neat bookmarks quite a bit too. I have them in a box in my office and I hope to photograph/scan them and put them on Flickr soon. I just bought these bookmarks to put in my packages: Arthur & Dr. Seuss “Read Every Day” ( Aren’t they cute? Interesting post.

  20. hermine Says:

    I use anything that I find near me as a bookmark . Lately I have stated to make then in polymer clay and am trying to create one that I will use for real.

    The flat ones are not for me, tried and not a success. I made one with a cord , polymer clay sticks out the top and bottom of pocket books and one with a paper clip as base and a bird on top.
    Still using that after 2 books . That is a good sign.

  21. Emily Says:

    As a teenager I used to cut pictures out of magazines and collect them in shoeboxes. I probably cut enough out to use and leave in my books well into my 80’s.

  22. Melinda Says:

    I like to customize and print out my own sometimes. A small pic with notations on the front with something about the author on the back.

  23. Veronika Says:

    I sometimes use the really cute tags that come when I but new clothing. I have a whole box full of them. I rarely use or buy the bookmarks that they sell at Borders.

  24. sean workman Says:

    I make bookmarks from recycled copper wire bent and hammered flat and beads they look like sheeps hooks and I take old broken jewelery apart and hang from the end my wife loves hers I sell them for 4 dollars apiece completly green eco friendly and unique

  25. Ally winter Says:

    I use bookmarks from the library or I make one by taking card stock and draw on it

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