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Librarians on You Tube March 5, 2007

Filed under: Bookish You Tube,Communities,Humour — Kim @ 1:04 pm

I found a couple of funny librarian video’s on You Tube. Like this one. It is a short film of 4 minutes. I thought it was quite funny. Especially since the female librarian is not depicted as a geek, for once. If you are a guy: this is what happens when you return a book late or disrespect them.

The next one, I found hilarious. Click here to see it. It is actually a short car commercial, but it all takes place in a library. As said, I laughed my head off. The last one is called “The adventures of super librarian”. It’s only half a minute long. Click here to view it. If you know of other funny librarian movies, or short films on books or reading, let me know!



4 Responses to “Librarians on You Tube”

  1. Chris Says:

    I found this one and put it on my blog. It’s “March of the Librarians”, a mockumentary and trbute to “March of the Penguins”.

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  4. ann miller Says:

    I love the Librarian image. Can you tell me where you got it ? I would love to get permission to use it. Thanks, Ann

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