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Dutch Book Fairs July 12, 2008

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Summer is the time of the book fair. Well, there are book fairs all year round, but in The Netherlands most of them are during the summer. We visited two of them recently and I thought it would be nice to give you a small photo impression. I wonder if book fairs look different in other countries…

The first fair was on June 29. it was in the city of Haarlem. There were about 170 stands in the city center. The atmosphere was very cozy. We overspend. Big time. The second one was in Dordrecht, on July 5. This is the second largest book fair of The Netherlands. There were about 450 stands. It was very busy, but we managed to find some new treasures for our library.

Click on ‘more’ the see some photo’s we took.

The book fair in Leiden

The book fair in Dordrecht


4 Responses to “Dutch Book Fairs”

  1. sharingmystory Says:

    Oh I WISH there were book fairs like that near me! I’ve never seen anything like it – I am so jealous!

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  3. There is nothing quite so wonderful as rummaging through old bookstalls looking for odd books. Pulp magazines, paperbacks, and other stacks of things. It is always the misplaced books that are best. Science fiction paperbacks in the mysteries, old fantasy art books in the gardening sections. It is when the bookseller doesn’t quite know what to make of what you are interested in that you get the best deals.

  4. Jennie Says:

    I want to go to a book fair like that around here…that is a dream come true…I would never want to leave!!

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