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Librarian street signs January 30, 2009

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How funny would it be to replace your street sign with one of these? Librarians will probably opt for the “Librarian Drive” sign. (Click here to see.) Others book lovers could go for the “Book Drive” sign. (Shown here.) I would love to have one in my hallway!


Seasonal bookish gadgets December 30, 2008

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It might be a bit late, but these bookish Christmas gadgets might give you an idea for next year. I am amazed about the bookish ornaments I found. Never knew they existed! Now I am tempted to order a bunch of them online from the US to have a bookish tree next year.

Bookish ornaments

What do you think of these classic glass ornaments with a twist? Librarians will love this one, because it says: Librarians play it by the book. (Click here to learn more.) Or this one which says: Hooked on Books! (Click here.) The next ornament can be personalized! You can put a name on the little books the bookworm in the apple sits on. What a great gift this would make… Click here to see it.

Bookish figurines

Of course there are a bunch of other bookish Christmas things. I would love to receive my gifts wrapped in this fantastic paper. Have to say I would be really careful unwrapping it to save the beautiful paper. Click here to view. Lemax is a company that sells houses and figurines to make a Christmas village. They have bookish things too. Like this one (click).  The Lemax website shows other bookish things, like the bookworm to be seen here , a library (here)  and a bookstore, which I own. It sits in my library all year round since it is not covered in snow. Click here to see it.

Seasonal reading

Of course there are loads of books with Christmas stories around. How nice it would be to sit around a fireplace and read beautiful short seasonal stories and poems out loud to guests. These books have a collection of poems (click here) and stories (click here) by famous authors. They seem ideal for the purpose.

Last but not least. Check out the Christmas tree of the University Library of Aalborg . An idea for next year?



Interesting bookish stuff October 10, 2008

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There are some fantastic bookish bloggers around who post very interesting bookish articles. I have been collecting them for a while, but I could not find the time to make a post on their finds. Therefor I will pay attention to all my interesting finds by fellow book bloggers in this post.

  • What to think of the convent library in the Austrian Admont? It is the largest convent library in the world and it has just gone trough a huge refirbisment. Click here for the photo’s. (Found via the Dutch website “De Papieren Man. For the Dutch readers, click here to read the article.)
  • If you are into the television series “Dr. Who”, you might like to know there is an episode that takes place in a library. (Found via The Shifted Librarian, click here to read the post.)
  • There a quite a few songs about books. The people of The Literary Persuit wrote a post about it. Click here to read it.
  • If you are a bibliophile, there are a lot of places online to meet like minded people. Click here to learn more. (Thanks to Book-a-Rama for writing about this. Click here to see the post.)

That is it for now. Happy reading!


Book Treasures June 12, 2008

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Used books and library books can house some hidden treasures. AbeBooks has a fun article about the stuff people find in books. You can read the story here.


Read at work May 28, 2008

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If you have a boring job, or just like to read at work, I have found you THE most fantastic website. You can read all day and nobody will notice! To make sure the boss does not know you are wasting time, this website is designed like Windows. I think it is very nicely done. To leave the site, it took me a while to find out, go to the start menu and click ‘log off’. After that you get your ‘normal’ screen back. Click here to visit the website.


Kimbooktu Cat May 24, 2008

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He looked so cute, I just had to show you…

(Feel free to add some ‘LOL Cats‘ text and e-mail the photo back to me. I will put the photo in this post.)


(Literary) Remembrance May 4, 2008

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Each year on the 4th of May we, the Dutch, take a couple of minutes to remember the people who died in WWII. And the wars after that. The next day, the 5th we celebrate the ending of the war. I also do a little ‘remembrance’ on Kimbooktu,but in a bookish way. I bring you a post related to the Second World War and books. Last year I wrote an article on Anne Frank, to be seen here. This year’s topic is the destruction of books during WWII. Click ‘more’ to read the article.