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Story teller jewelry April 17, 2007

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This website has some fantastic jewelry. At least, that’s what I think. They make some beautiful jewelry featuring books. The pieces either come as a necklace or a pin. Each piece has a original story inside. Therefore the makers call it: ”Jewelry you can read”. Seems like a perfect combination to me!

There are 26 different stories available and different styles of books. Since I am a fan of silver, I love their silver books. And that is an understatement. You can find out more here.

Thanks to Sarah for the link.


Story teller jewelry


Book bracelet April 3, 2007

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There are bracelets and bracelets. This one is something else. I absolutely love it. It is handmade and it looks very romantic. Since I love lace and the bracelet has a little book on it, I am sold. I can see myself wearing it this summer with a pink top and some jeans. You can learn more about it, and see some more pictures, here.

Book bracelet


Bookish jewellery March 26, 2007

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I love jewellery depicting books. Sadly there is not too much around. Luckily, Sarah brought these to my attention. She had a bookish themed wedding last year, since she and her husband like to read. She wrote to me that she gave these necklaces to her bridesmaids. What a great idea! She also gave me a link to these earrings.


Then, something strange happened. As you probably know, I am getting married this year. And pretty soon too! On 25. May, I will say “I do”. My fiancé and I decided on a wedding cake that looks like a stack of books. In her e-mail, Sarah put a link to a photo of her wedding cake. Guess what? It is almost exactly the same as the cake we would like to have. Beneath you’ll see a picture of Sarah’s cake, isn’t it utterly fantastic?!

 Sarah’s cake


To give, or not to give? January 29, 2007

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This fun website had loads of Shakespeare related goodies. From décor pieces to Shakespeare mints and from Tempest jewellery to Shakespeare: the board game. They have loads of stuff. Nice gift ideas. Not only for readers, but theatre lovers too! Click here to shop!


Silver book earrings January 11, 2007

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These sterling silver earrings are quite nice. The first pear features a little bookworm on a book. The second pair are little open books that read “I love to read”. When you order, you can choose between hoops or wires. I think I would go for the bookworms on hoops.


Reading/library pins January 8, 2007

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I never wear pins, but if I had to it would be these. They are só nice! Some of them are quite funcky too! You can order them by downloading and sending the form on this website.



Book quote bracelet January 3, 2007

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Most book gadgets seem to be made for women. Unfortunately. This bracelet looks very unisex to me. I love the quote on it that seems to be ‘hand written’: I cannot live without books. The bracelet is handmade of silver. You can adjust it to fit your wrist.