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Books and wine September 18, 2009

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As someone who enjoys the good things in life, I enjoy good books. And good wine. Sometimes the two work really well together too! For other lover’s of a good glass of vino, I found these bookish gadgets.

I love this wine set! A perfect gift for a wine loving reader. The set consists of three pieces: a bottle opener, a stopper and a little booklet. The latter gives information about the right temperature for certain wines and the cheeses that can compliment the different wines. This makes it even better. As a Dutch girl, I lóve my cheese! The whole set comes in a case that looks like a hardcover book. Wanna know more? Click here.

What to think of these bookends that double up as a wine rack? I’m not quite sure where I would put them. I am pretty sure you can make a nice feature out of them in a nice country style kitchen. (Which I do not have.) The book ends would look great with  nice books about wine in between them. To find out more, click here.


Handy book! January 10, 2008

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Now this is a book that can come in handy! Actually, it looks like a book, but it is in fact a tool case. I have no idea why the makers decided to ‘hide’ the tools in a book. It seems a bit odd. On the other hand, it might be a good gift for a bibliophile husband/wive who promised to fix something. Click here to learn more.


Bookish letter opener November 9, 2007

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If you are one of the few people that receive letters on a regular basis, this bookish gadget might be just the thing for you! It is an automatic letter opener shaped as a tiny red book. I think it is cute! Click here for a UK website, or here for a US one.

Thanks to Roger for the link!

PS. There are two new libraries on Your Shelves!


Bookish stool

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In the same store where I found the fantastic bookish Christmas cards, see below or here, I found this great bookish stool. I love it, not only because of its looks, but in our small house it is very practical.

The stool is actually made of cardboard. Can you believe this stool can hold up to 200 kilograms? This boxy stool comes in all sorts of designs, but the one I bought has a photo of stacks of books on it. Since the manufacturer is German, the books have titles in that language. You buy the stool in a flat pack, but it is very easy to put together.

Right now this great find sits at the head of the table in my library. It creates an extra place to sit (and place books on) and it looks very decorative. Since the stool is light and it does not take much room, you can use it for anything. It would make a great side table. If you buy two, you have some original bedside tables! I will regularly move it to the living room if we have guests, to create an extra place to sit.

If you see it as a cardboard box, it is expensive. If you see it as a multi functional decorative bookish product, it’s cheap. I paid 16 Euro’s and I think it is worth it. You can learn more about the stools here. If you want to go to the bookish stool directly, click here.


Bookish Christmas Cards November 7, 2007

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I have the best Christmas cards ever. In a great little bookshop, I found these sets of cards depicting book spines of books about Christmas. They are made by the Bodleian Library of the University of Oxford. I cannot wait to surprise my friends and family with these great cards! I will make sure to send one to my husband, so we can keep one of them ourselves, haha. You can learn more about the cards (and buy them!) here.


Dangerous! September 26, 2007

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I begin with a warning, since this website is very dangerous. I am quite sure I posted their products in the past, but since I love their goods so much I am not even going to check.  Browsing through the website, had me reaching for my credit card on more than one occasion. The umbrellas, the card’s, the bookmarks… I want them all! If you are strong enough, you may click here.

Thanks to Inge for the link!



Bookish wedding September 12, 2007

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Allison has sent me some pictures of her bookish themed wedding. She got married in July to the man she met at the library they worked at. I only had the bookish cake, but they took it one step further. It looks great! See the pictures below to get inspired for your own (future) wedding.

The cake


The center pieces


The seating cards

Thanks to Allison for her permission to post the pictures.


Literary cooking September 6, 2007

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If you love cooking, or just eating, and books this is the topic for you. I found you some cookbooks that have everything to do with reading. What about recipes from Shakespearean times? There is actually a book about this, click here to see it. Or maybe you prefer some Kafka on the side? Click here to see an appropriate book. For the ones that collect cookbooks, I have found a nice book too. It is a guide on collecting cookbooks. You can find it here.

Happy cooking!


Bookish wallpaper August 27, 2007

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This wallpaper is not for your walls, but for your computer desktop. I think it is quite nice! My computer is in my library, so it seems appropriate to have a bookish theme on my computer as well. Click here to go to the website and choose a screen resolotion before you download the wallpaper. (Instead of downloading the file, you can also right click on your mouse mouse and choose “set as wallpaper.)

Thanks to Sarah for letting me know about this.


Bookish china June 4, 2007

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Sip tea with Oscar Wilde or eat cereal with Thomas Hardy. The Brithish Library Shop has made china with quotations of the great writers on it. I love that they have kept it simple. White china, black letters. The quotes are in the actcual handwriting of the authors, which gives it an extra nice touch. You can find the china, and more bookish products, here.