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Burning Book July 29, 2009

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It is my worst nightmare to see my books go up into flames, but this bookmark is quite fun! A great way to mark the page of the hot book you are reading. Click here to find out more. This bookmark reminds me of the famous book by Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451. A couple of days ago a new adaption of this book came out, authorised by Bradbury. To learn more about this book, go here.


Well-Read Life Kit June 23, 2009

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If you know someone that loves to read (including yourself!) this is the perfect gift. It could come in very handy for students too. I love this “Well-Read Life Annotation Kit”. It looks beautiful! Click here to learn more.


Book Ends August 7, 2008

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I have got to have these! These book ends are fantastic. Simple, stylish, handy. Click here to find out more.


Read at work May 28, 2008

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If you have a boring job, or just like to read at work, I have found you THE most fantastic website. You can read all day and nobody will notice! To make sure the boss does not know you are wasting time, this website is designed like Windows. I think it is very nicely done. To leave the site, it took me a while to find out, go to the start menu and click ‘log off’. After that you get your ‘normal’ screen back. Click here to visit the website.


Flat pack book rest May 24, 2008

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There are a couple of reasons I wanted to show you this product, a book rest. Not only is it different from other book rests, but the website about it is beautiful too. The book rest itself is flat and you have to fold it to make it into the actual product. You can keep the book open on the rest by placing a pencil or something like it in the holes on the bottom. The rests come in different designs by different artists, but the idea is from Robert Pachowski.

It is hard to explain how it actually works, so click here for the website.


For your home library April 12, 2008

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How cute! This will look so good on the new table in my new library. It will be a useless accessory, since I almost never lend out my books. I always get them back damaged. Paperbacks usually have a ‘broken back’ when they are returned to me. I hate that. Therefor I have decided not to let other people handle my books anymore. But this gadget is very nice, I have to say. Click here to find out more.


Weirdest bookmark March 26, 2008

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There cannot be enough bookish gadgets in my mind. Therefor I applaud designers who take the effort to create something for us readers. Every now and again a designer takes it overboard and makes something that makes me wonder. It makes me wonder about how designers view readers.

This gadget, the ABRACADABRA bookmark, made me wonder alright. It took three designers to come up with this ‘gadget’: Jung-Hyun Lee, Won-Sik Chae & Rhea Jeong. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall when they discussed the creative process of it. Maybe it went something like this:

Jung-Hyun Lee: I wanted to read last night and I could not find the last page I read.

Won-Sik Chae: Don’t you use a bookmark?

Jung-Hyun Lee: Sure, but they suck. I have used receipts from the supermarket, nice paper bookmarks with teddy bears on it and even fancy silver ones with Yin-Yang on them.

Rhea Jeong: I know what you mean. It is so hard to get your fingers in between the book and the bookmark!

Won-Sik Chae: Don’t you just hate when that happens? Let’s make something easier to save the readers. Think life vest, like on a aeroplane!

This is what they actually came up with:

You can find out more here and here.