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Handy book! January 10, 2008

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Now this is a book that can come in handy! Actually, it looks like a book, but it is in fact a tool case. I have no idea why the makers decided to ‘hide’ the tools in a book. It seems a bit odd. On the other hand, it might be a good gift for a bibliophile husband/wive who promised to fix something. Click here to learn more.


Bookish Christmas Cards November 7, 2007

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I have the best Christmas cards ever. In a great little bookshop, I found these sets of cards depicting book spines of books about Christmas. They are made by the Bodleian Library of the University of Oxford. I cannot wait to surprise my friends and family with these great cards! I will make sure to send one to my husband, so we can keep one of them ourselves, haha. You can learn more about the cards (and buy them!) here.


Wish list material October 30, 2007

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I just learned about this great American gift store, Signals. With the holidays coming up, this might be of use to you. Either to seek out a gift for somebody, or to add a thing or two to your own wish list. Signals sells, amongst other stuff, great bookish products and gadgets. If you have their catalog at home, get seated and drool over pages 32 trough 35. If you do not have it at home, click on the page numbers to see the catalog online: 32, 33, 34, 35. Or click here to order the physical catalog.

Thanks to Arlen for e-mailing me about this!


Dangerous! September 26, 2007

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I begin with a warning, since this website is very dangerous. I am quite sure I posted their products in the past, but since I love their goods so much I am not even going to check.  Browsing through the website, had me reaching for my credit card on more than one occasion. The umbrellas, the card’s, the bookmarks… I want them all! If you are strong enough, you may click here.

Thanks to Inge for the link!



Bookish Eye Glass case August 23, 2007

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If you use glasses, you need to protect them. Why not do this in a bookish way? This case looks the part and at under seven dollars, it is not too expensive as well. I love it, even while I do not use glasses. But then again, maybe I can put my sunglasses in there! You can find it here. The same website also has a pouch to put pens and stuff in. This also comes with a bookish theme. You can find this product on this page.



Bookish iPod August 9, 2007

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What a way to combine gadgets! If you have an iPod and love your hymns, this is the gadget for you! Just put this cover on your 30 or 80 GB iPod and you have converted it to a hymn book. I will not only protect your precious MP3 player, but you have made it bookish as well! Click here to go to the website.



Bookish stationary cabinet June 5, 2007

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Unfortunately I do not get to write much ‘real’ letters these days. I write a card to a friend every once in a while, but that is it. A shame, really. After seeing this very pretty stationary cabinet, I am even more sorry. I would love to own it, but since I do not write letters I have no use for it. If you do, you can find it directly here. Or click here to see the cabinet and more bookish goodies.


Book gift May 31, 2007

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If you would like to present a bibliophile with a gift, which is not a book, this might be an idea. Make the gift look like a book! BookWear is a company that sells products and wraps them in ‘a cover’. They sell anything from puzzles to t-shirts. If I understand correctly it is even possible to design a cover of your own. This is probably only for companies. The idea is good, though. Click here to find out more.


Bookish artists May 16, 2007

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The American couple Peter and Donna Thomas seem to have a passion for books. These artists create all sorts of bookish art. I love their miniature books and the jewelry! They also make ukulele books. To find out what those are, you can visit their website. You can learn more about them and the beautiful things they make by clicking here.

book pin


NY library shop April 22, 2007

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In the past I have posted a thing or two from this shop. But the shop of the New York public library has so many wonderful goodies, I wanted to share the site with you (again). What to think of this beautiful typewriter watch, or these facsimile limited editions? Do not forget the reading corner of the shop, to be found here. You can find some nice reading gadgets here!

Thanks to Judith for the lead.