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Charles Dickens July 19, 2007

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Sorry for the poor amount of postings lately. I came down with the flu last week and it does not seem to get better. Don’t worry! Since I have a ‘bright’ moment right now, I will treat you with a post right away. Something to keep you busy for a while…

For all you Dickens fans out there; the BBC has a great site. It is an animation of Dickens’ Bleak house. To be found here. There also is a game, called “Survive Dickens’ London”.  If you do well, according to the website, you will get to meet Charles Dickens. You can find the game here. Have fun!


Nancy Drew movie May 16, 2007

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I just read a post on Litminds about a film that is made about Nancy Drew. (Click here for the Wikipedia article on this character.) The film can be seen as from June 15. Nancy Drew was created by Carolyn Keene. This name is actually a pseudonym. The books were in fact written by a fast number of writers. (Click here for a Wikipedia article on Carolyn Keene.)

The Internet Movie Database has information about the movie, to be found here. I have seen the trailer and it seems to be a film made for 15 year olds. Too bad. But I will watch it anyway, to make sure. You can view the trailer by clicking on the start button.

There is also an official website about the film. You can find it here. If you like bookish films, take a look at this post. Books and games featuring this detective can be found here. All of the books written by “Carolyn Keene” can be found here. I wonder what the Nancy Drew fans have to say about this film…


Nancy Drew


Silent library game May 4, 2007

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Ernesto Hoost, a Dutch pro fighter, and five Japanese guys play a weird game in a library. They have to undergo a series of events without making a sound. It is typically Japanese, since these events are quite weird. Torture would apply to most of them. I have to say, I laughed my head of. I think the Japanese guys chose the Dutch Hoost because he won the feared and famous K1 tournament in Japan four times, which is a record. He is supposed to be a very tough guy. By the looks of it, he definitely is. I would not think of playing this game with my friends in the local library for a second…


Bookish chess March 29, 2007

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Fancy a game of chess? Take a look at this chess set. It looks quite nice in its book case. It could even be a nice gift idea for someone who plays chess. Except… The set is quite expensive. I am sure you can buy yourself a very, very nice chess set for 193.72 euro’s! Anyway, if you want to learn more about it, click here.

Chess set


Escape the library March 23, 2007

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On a rare occasion I post a link to a game. Since there are not a lot of ‘bookish’ games around, I seize the opportunity to bring you this one. It is one of those typical escape games. Except this one is in a library. I found it quite difficult, until my finance told me just to click on a lot of things. You can find the game here. Have fun!




Literature quizzes February 6, 2007

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You think you know lots about literature? Try your luck here! This is a website that lists quizzes on literature. How fun! I love stuff that test knowledge. These will keep you busy on a rainy (Sunday) afternoon!  There are questions on authors and genres. Most of these quizzes are quite difficult. So, good luck!



To give, or not to give? January 29, 2007

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This fun website had loads of Shakespeare related goodies. From décor pieces to Shakespeare mints and from Tempest jewellery to Shakespeare: the board game. They have loads of stuff. Nice gift ideas. Not only for readers, but theatre lovers too! Click here to shop!