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Book cover posters February 1, 2011

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Some book covers have such fantastic art on them, that you sometimes wish there was a poster of it. The company ‘Bookish Design UK’ obviously thought the same and made this wish come true. They do not offer a whole lot of posters of book covers, but I am sure there will be more to come. You can order the posters over the internet, but there is also a list of stores across the world where you can buy them. The company also makes some bookish t-shirts, by the way.



Bookish nap time January 19, 2011

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Not sure if this pillow that looks like a book is comfortable. I am pretty sure your boss is going to be pretty upset when he sees you walk into the building with this. Or it means that you need to get a life. 😉


Book Porcupine October 2, 2009

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You have to use a little bit of imagination to see a porcupine in the Book Porcupine, but it is a nice gadget none the less. It is a book shelve, but it is not. It is a block with 18 different spaces in it to store your books in. It is meant to place next to your favorite reading chair. The Porcupine is made in white MDF and you can choose one additional color for free. More colors are available at additional cost.

Cost. This designer book storing item does not come cheap. It will set you back 950 pounds, which is about 1500 dollars. If you want two colors next to the overall white, it will cost you an extra 20 pounds (30 dollars.) Design is expensive. On the other hand, it is a great looking object. And you can adjust it to your color scheme. Click here to learn more.


Unlimited book storage September 23, 2009

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This is a book lover’s dream! A cabinet to store your books in… that get’s bigger! This is no joke. German designers Nina Farsen and Isabel Schöllhammer designed a cabinet to grow along with your book collection. They thought of this some years ago and got the focus award 2007 for this brilliant design. Click here to learn more.


Latvian shelves August 4, 2009

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A strange title to start a post with, Latvian shelves. I know. It has a reason though. As a big fan of all sorts of art, I am noticing for a while now that there are some interesting artists in the relatively new members of the European Union. Artists that were hardly noticed in the Western European member states before. Latvia is one of those countries. It joined the EU in May 2004. Even though the middle point of Europe is positioned in their country, we know little about it.

I am pleased, therefor, that the next artist has been brought to my attention. Stanislav Katz from the Latvian capital of Riga, has made a couple of beautiful book cabinets. The Latvian membership of the EU has provided us with a good chance these cases  might be available throughout Europe soon… Click here to learn more.

Thanks to Phoenix for the link!

Bibliophile sofa June 23, 2009

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If you love to hang out and read on your sofa, this is a piece of furniture from your dreams! It is big enough to comfortably read on and it has your favorite books within reach. If it was available in leather, I would consider this as my next sofa without hesitation. To read more about this Flexform bibliophile sofa, click here.


Bookish table September 25, 2008

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The Italian company MOCO has an interesting design idea with books. A table, called the Ex Libris. The company says that designing a table in a new way is a “difficult and fascinating challenge”.

This particular design does not seem too inspired, though. The design reminds me of a student in need of a table and decides to use its books for a base. The MOCO design looks very nice, even though it does not come across as very original. It still seems like a good design idea for bibliophiles, so that is why I posted it. I would have used a clear glass top, so the books look like pillars and you get the illusion of space. But who am I? What do you think? Click here to learn more.

(Thanks to Urbi.)


Library Dogs September 16, 2008

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I saw this in my newspaper Friday and I knew I had to have one. A dog to put in the library! (My Jack Russell is not allowed in my library.) These wonderful little – non hairy – dogs can hold a number of books, which makes them very convenient. Above all, they look fantastic!

Unfortunately the website of the designer did not give any information on purchasing a piece. Neither did the manufacturers website. So I decided to contact the designer. He cc’t me in an e-mail to the manufacturer, asking them to provide me with details. Until now, I did not hear back from them. When I do, I will let you know.

For now, enjoy these great designs appropriately called “Pack of Dogs”! Click here and here to see them.


I have heard back and can now tell you about the designs, the prices and the way to obtain them.

Click here to see the ‘Pack of dogs’ brochure in PDF. The prices are:

Aguayo: 81 dollars

Dos Caras, Jr. (2 pieces): 72 dollars

Alushe: 90 dollars

Mistico: 107 dollars

El Santo: 369 dollars

You can contact O’Neal Spicer of Proteak to order a dog. You can reach him via this e-mail adress.


Book Storage August 24, 2008

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Two readers e-mailed me three links that all have to do with storing books. The first link is about a very interesting bookcase that can tell you the time too. Click here to see it. The second link is something different. I am not sure it will keep you books secure, but it looks very nice indeed. (See picture below.) Click here to learn more about it.

The last link will tell you how to make your own invisible book shelves, like these. If you are up for some DIY, click here. (Thanks Phoenix and Melodee!)


Book Ends August 7, 2008

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I have got to have these! These book ends are fantastic. Simple, stylish, handy. Click here to find out more.