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Dutch book art February 1, 2011

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The Dutch graphic designer Kim Eggens, is specialised in crafting beautiful blank books. She uses a variety of techniques on the covers, such as quilting and embroidery. Next to this, she often works photographs into her covers too. For the inside she makes use of different sorts of paper in different sizes. The results are beautiful blank books, perfect to be used as diary’s. (Tip: click on the photographs to see more details.) There is a webshop on her website, but there is no sign of any of the books going on sale yet.



Bookish Etsy June 6, 2009

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Browsing the web in hopes to find some cool bookish gadgets for you, I stumbled on the website On this website you can buy and sell things that are handmade. Of course there are people on there that make fantastic bookish things. Below I will state some of the things I found. I do not know how long the products will be on there, so do forgive me when a link dies in the future.

Take this paperweight for instance. (Click here to go to the Etsy page.) Click on ‘more’ to see more of my finds…



Origami book March 19, 2008

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Get a piece of square paper, loosen up your fingers and give it a go!


More book storage ideas February 17, 2008

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The more ideas to store books the better! Recently, I wrote this post about a good place to store your books. A couple of days later, the next idea arrived in my mailbox. I absolutely love it. How fantastic that looks! Click here to find out more.

Thanks to Ellen for the link! 


Now that’s an idea! February 8, 2008

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We booklover’s are always complaining about a lack of space. This creative mind thought of a great solution! It is definitely something different. Click here to learn more.

Thanks to Cassandra for the link!



Handy book! January 10, 2008

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Now this is a book that can come in handy! Actually, it looks like a book, but it is in fact a tool case. I have no idea why the makers decided to ‘hide’ the tools in a book. It seems a bit odd. On the other hand, it might be a good gift for a bibliophile husband/wive who promised to fix something. Click here to learn more.


Make a photo bookmark! January 8, 2008

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As you know, I absolutely love bookmarks. Sometimes I try to make my own. I never thought of the idea presented here. A bookmark made out of a photo of a loved one! I wonder if I can make my dog sit up long enough for me to take his picture, haha. Have fun creating this bookmark!

Thanks to Carrie for the link!


DIY Book table November 14, 2007

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A great idea to make your own bookish furniture. This book table, as posted on the blog Simply Green, is a really good idea! The post itself is quite funny too. Click here to go directly to the book table post.

PS. Speaking of ‘Green’. Do not forget to send in a review of a ‘green’ book for the contest. Learn more about it via the button in the ‘special announcements’ section in the sidebar. The first two winners will be contacted next Monday, so you still have a couple of days!


Miniature bookshop October 2, 2007

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My dream is to own my own bookshop, as you know. Second best is to create one. In miniature! We are actually going to do this during the dark and cold evenings this winter. We have not decided on the approach yet. I posted about a book with a plan for a bookshop in it a while ago, see here.

As if Dave Wade could read my mind, he send me an e-mail the other day. He actually made the bookshop from the book. And he got the pictures to prove it. I love what he has done with the place! He told me he made everything himself, except for the figures and the lights. Amazing. A big applause for Dave! To get inspired, click here.


Shakespeare’s Globe DIY September 18, 2007

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The days are getting shorter (depending on where you are on the planet), so If you want to have a project for the dark evenings… Build your own Shakespeare’s Globe! I found you this fun model. This is what the makers have to say about it:

“The model was made from details found from historical etchings and prints of the original Globe Theatre. This required quite a bit of research as there were actually three Globe Theatre buildings, and inaccuracies abound. This model represents the Globe as it probably looked around the time that Shakespeare’s plays were presented there (1599-1608).”

Click here to see the model and download it. If you want to learn more about the Globe, click here to go to the website.