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Bookish News Feed June 16, 2009

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I must have been sleeping under a stone for a while or something, but I just discovered something new to me. Alltop! This website ‘collects’ all the bookish news. It has links to articles of newspapers, but also of quite a few ‘bigger’ bookish blogs.

I was quite surprised to see Kimbooktu on there as well. But very pleased. (Thanks guys!) I browsed for a bit and found the idea of a website like this quite fantastic. You can follow all the bookish news via one site! Click here to see what my excitement is about.


Online book show March 6, 2008

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An online book show was introduced March 3. The broadcasting takes place via The maker, Daniel Menaker, worked for Random House prior to this adventure. “The show, “Titlepage,” for which Menaker will serve as host and editorial producer, will feature four writers discussing their new books in a roundtable format”, the press release states. (Click here to see the press release.) I have not watched the first episode yet, but it sounds promising. Let me know what you think!


Kimbooktu’s favourite Vegas bookstore closed February 8, 2008

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Remember that cute little bookstore I visited when I was in Las Vegas? (If not, click here.) This haven of peace in the city of sin, called The Reading Room, is no longer. It was a huge surprise and shock to me – and not only me. I cannot believe they closed down this fantastic store! Click here to read the article that explains all.

Thanks to Susan for the update.



Play Away! January 14, 2008

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There is a new e-book around, the Playaway. The book is also the player, which looks like a book. Get it? If you buy this audio-book all you have to do is plug in some earphones. There a lots of different genres and titles available. The books are a bit expensive though. I wonder if people are willing to pay much, much more for an e-book, just because it is easy. How much work is it to download something to a computer or MP3 player? To solve this problem, the company created a program in which you send back a book and get a discount on the next: RePlay.

You can find more information about the books here. Please, let me know what you think of it in the comments.


Bibliobuffet contest December 15, 2007

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Our friends at Bibliobuffet are hosting a contest. It is about a bookish product which is really close to my heart; bookmarks. The prizes of the contest are, how appropriate, fine bookmarks! All you have to do is write an essay or story about these wonderful things, or make a photo essay about them. Click ‘more’ to read more about the contest.



Best books of 2007 November 17, 2007

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Even though the year is not even over, Amazon has made a list of the best books of 2007. They divided the list between the favorites of the editors and the customers. Both groups state their favorite fiction, non-fiction, history et cetera. I was not surprised by the no. 1 in fiction on the editors list at all. For the customers, this title is actually number 2. J.K. Rowling won again.

You can find the list here.


Amsterdam World Book Capital 2008 October 30, 2007

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The capitol of my country has the honor to be the World Book Capital of 2008. On the 23rd of April, Amsterdam will follow up Bogota in this Bookish Event. I cannot wait to enjoy one year of bookish fun in a city that is finally close enough to take part in the festivities. If you want to learn more, click here for the website about Amsterdam World Book Capital in English. (Or here for the page in Dutch.)


New Shelfari Widget October 10, 2007

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Shelfari, one of the websites on which you can catalog your books, has a new widget. The new application enables you to display your books on your blog. So if you do not show of your library my means of a photo via ‘Your Shelves!’, you can do it on your blog via the Shelfari Widget. You can choose whether you want to show your books on a shelf or in a list. You can see the widget in action via this link.


Fun contest at Booklust September 4, 2007

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Patricia of the great bookish blog Booklust is hosting a very special competition. Patricia is a very gifted illustrator and she has a funny new book out. The book is called “Good Granny, Bad Granny”, which is written by Mary McHugh. Patricia did the drawings. (You can look inside the book here.)

To enter her contest you only have to e-mail her a “Good granny” and/or “Bad Granny” story. The prize is a signed book by the artist, which is of course Patricia. I am already thinking of a story, because I would love to win a book. She has four to give away! Learn more about the contest here.




Book Lounge Insiders’ Blog June 20, 2007

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Usually, I do not post on lit blogs. First, because there are so many good reading and literature blogs out there. I could have an entire blog that writes about bookish blogs! I already have an extensive blogroll filled with good bookish websites. Next, because this website is not really about that.

But sometimes a good blog or website about books attracts my attention. Sometimes because one certain article and sometimes because the entire blog is something different. I knew of the existence of BookLounge. This is the website of the Canadian part of publisher Random House. They now have an Insiders’ Blog. The great thing about this blog is that everybody writes on it. From managers to authors (Mark Haddon, writes there too!). It could become a great blog to learn about publishing books. And not only for Canadian residents.

You can click here to go to the BookLounge website, and here to go directly to the Insiders’ Blog.

PS. Click here to learn more about the great book by Mark Haddon seen above. It’s one of my favorites.