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Covers with books September 12, 2009

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My favorite Dutch bookish blog is ‘Boekendingen‘. On occasion they do a post about book covers that have books on them. They had a great selection of bookish book covers again yesterday, that I need to show you. You will love them, even if you do not understand Dutch. (There are covers with English and German titles there as well.) The sheer beauty of some books… Click here to enjoy.


Blog for book collectors August 4, 2009

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A couple of days ago, I received an e-mail with the peculiar subject ‘It’s Alive!’. The curious subject got me to drag the e-mail to my bin – I thought it was about blue pills again – when I saw a glimpse of the content. Just one line: “The Private Library blogs about book collecting and book history through the lens of an individual book collector, bookseller and professional librarian.” Aha.

Even though the description fitted a bit to much in one line, I grabbed my interest. There are not a lot of blogs about book collecting around. I clicked the provided link and was pleasantly surprised. An ABC for book collectors, a glossary of book conservation terms, an extensive list of bibliographic resources, links to famous private libraries. Interesting content. The website has not been around for long, it started in March of this year, but I liked the idea of it. You might too.

So as an exception, a shout-out to this website: The Private Library. To L.D. Mitchell who created it: thank you for doing so and keep up the good work!


Bookish blog links stats October 6, 2007

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I started the task of making a Bookish Blog Links A-Z just over a month ago. (Click here to learn more about the list and my reasons for making it.) Many of you e-mailed me blogs and/or descriptions for the list. Thank you so much for that! I am happy to see that the list has regular visitors. I hope they click trough and discover your wonderful blogs.

I wanted to give you an update, so you can see how the project is going. I started with one page, but now I have made four as you can see. Now the ‘stats’ of bookish blogs per page.

A-B: 72

C-J: 41

K-R: 46

S-Z: 33.

This makes a grand total of 192 blogs on the Books Blogs A-Z list.

Help the list

Most of the blogs do not have a description yet. If you own or read a blog on the list that does not have a description, please mail it to me. The descriptions for the blogs make it different from the other lists, since people can decide before clicking if the blog is of interest to them.

If your blog is not on the list, please let me know. Click here to tell me about a bookish blog link. Click here to e-mail me about other stuff (bookish gadgets et cetera).