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Kimbooktu yearly / anniversary roundup December 23, 2009

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The end of the year asks for lists. Even more so when there is an anniversary too. Last Monday, the 21nd of December, Kimbooktu celebrated its third blog year. All in all, it seems like a good moment to evaluate the year. I also did this in 2007, click here to see that post. I forgot to do it last year, for some reason… Anyway here are some facts and figures about the three year existence of Kimbooktu:

Total Views until today: 326,467

Views in 2009 until today: 104.938

Best day in views ever: 2,955 on January 4. 2007 (Thanks to an article in the ALA newsletter, see here.)

Total amount of posts until today: 503

Top 3 of the best viewed posts in the last year until today: (Click on the title to read)
1. Design your own book cover (6.650)
2. Catalog your books online (3.245)
3. The world’s best bookstore (2.085)

Top 3 of Kimbooktu’s favorite posts in the last year: (Click on the title to read)
1. Biggest bookish wish came true
2. Kimbooktu writes for Bookstore Guide
3. Kimbooktu’s library at night

Total of comments until today: 1.293

Google hits on “Kimbooktu”: circa 31.500


4 Responses to “Kimbooktu yearly / anniversary roundup”

  1. John Soares Says:

    Congrats on your success with the blog. I have two blogs, one just over a year old, the other started last April, and I have two more in the works.

    I use Google Analytics to track my stats. It’s free and works well.

  2. Interesting article! Keep up the good work!

  3. Theo Says:

    I’ve just added you on librarything and i have to say that i love your blog. I’ve just had some problems to add your feed on feedly. could pass?

  4. Wow- great stats! Congradulations on having such a successful blog. My girlfriend and I are still in the process of getting our first personal blogs up and running, so it’s nice to see how much potential is out there. Thanks for sharing your success and good luck on the year of 2010!


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