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Not so bookish Kimbooktu October 3, 2009

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As you might know, I am a keen (amateur) photographer, next to a book lover. Back in 2004, when my husband and I were still dating, a photo project came to existence. It all revolves around a stuffed mouse, our love and our passion for photography. And travel. I won’t say anymore, because I want to surprise you.

After 5 years this project, Mouse, is  still going strong and I wanted to let you know about it. I have posted about it before here, and I was not sure if I should post about it again. This because it is not bookish and it really should not belong on Kimbooktu. Since it turns a smile on the faces of a lot of people, I decided to mention it again.

Since we – and the people around us – are so excited about our project, I hope you will enjoy it too. I recently made a short YouTube film about the project. You can view it below.  If you like it, I hope you will rate the video, visit the website, sign up for the newsletter and spread the word. I would love it if Mouse could put a smile on as many people as possible. And have them experience the world in a different way…

Sorry for this non bookish post…


6 Responses to “Not so bookish Kimbooktu”

  1. ans luiken Says:

    I likes your mouse story,

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    The hats are a very nice touch. *grin*

  3. Anita Says:

    Every library should have a mascot. Many of us have stuffies or cats or other animals. Thank you for showing us Mouse!

  4. Anthony Thompson Says:

    Hey great post

    I barely come on your blog and recently i was browsing through Auto Shipping Network website while i was finding a way to ship one of my automobile overseas and i happen to stumble upon your blog, great post, very informative. Cheers

  5. Kim Says:

    Hi all!

    Thanks! You can see more of mouse at:

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