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Interpretation of ‘The Bookworm’ October 2, 2009

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The Belgium library of Kortrijk had a photo contest over the summer. People were asked to take pictures of libraries in Belgium and outside the country. The contest has ended and the winners have been announced. I was particularly interested in the picture of Roos Debrabandere. She went to Poland and took a photo in a restaurant in Krakow. She named the photo “Eat first, read later”. This is the photo:

You might recognize the paint work on the wall. The original painting was made by German Painter Carl Spitzweg (1808-1885), called The Bookworm. Spitzweg made the painting in 1850 and has become quite famous. (Click here to learn more about this artist.) This is what the original artwork looks like:

I love what the owners of the restaurant did with their wall. How they made their own culinary interpretation of this famous bookish painting. It will definitely provide a book lover with a great view whilst enjoying their dinner. Unfortunately I am unable to tell you the name and address of the restaurant. If and when I find out, I will post an update.

If you like to see all the entries of the contest, you can click here. The photo of the restaurant did not win by the way. Probably because it wasn’t a picture of a library, as asked for. If you follow the link you will see the photo that did win.


4 Responses to “Interpretation of ‘The Bookworm’”

  1. Wanda Jewell Says:

    Thank you for this great post! I love it.

  2. […] is a cool mural in a restaurant in Belgium.  Maybe if I was a crazy rich person, I could get something like this […]

  3. driver29 Says:

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  4. click! Says:

    Such an awesome painting. I love anything book related!

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