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Books and wine September 18, 2009

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As someone who enjoys the good things in life, I enjoy good books. And good wine. Sometimes the two work really well together too! For other lover’s of a good glass of vino, I found these bookish gadgets.

I love this wine set! A perfect gift for a wine loving reader. The set consists of three pieces: a bottle opener, a stopper and a little booklet. The latter gives information about the right temperature for certain wines and the cheeses that can compliment the different wines. This makes it even better. As a Dutch girl, I lóve my cheese! The whole set comes in a case that looks like a hardcover book. Wanna know more? Click here.

What to think of these bookends that double up as a wine rack? I’m not quite sure where I would put them. I am pretty sure you can make a nice feature out of them in a nice country style kitchen. (Which I do not have.) The book ends would look great with  nice books about wine in between them. To find out more, click here.


One Response to “Books and wine”

  1. this site Says:

    So i think that the perfect library is right next or above the wine cellar 🙂 Just have to be extra careful!

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