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My library logo. Thoughts appreciated. September 5, 2009

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Since I value the opinion of my readers, I would like to ask for your opinion. A while ago, I have created a logo for my library. I had seen logo’s of personal libraries before and I thought it would be fun to have one too. Even though my personal library is not as large as the people who have logo’s for their collection… Yet.

I would like to use the logo on – yet to be created – bookmarks to stick into books I (sometimes) loan out. And as an e-mail header when I write bookish friends. I already use this one on LibraryThing. There probably will be more occasions on which I want to use the logo. It is just a pride thing. My books (library) are very important to me and when things are important, people tend to name them. Like a child. Or a dog.

Since my library is going to be around at least as long as I am, I want to get it right. The logo. So, this is where you come in. I would like your opinion on the title and the design of the logo. Let me explain the title first. It is common to give libraries a Latin name. My Latin is not that good, so I consulted the library and the web. I came up with ” Bibliotheca ad Finitor”. Which means, if I am correct, ” Library of the horizon”.

This might seem strange, but it all has to do with my first name. Kim means ‘ horizon’ in Dutch. Horizon also means infinity, to me. Since a library never stops growing, this seemed appropriate. The logo therefor depicts a stylized book and horizon. In a clean and simple way.

So, tell me what you think in the comments. You are very welcome to e-mail me a new logo with the same idea, if you like. I will post it on the site. If you have a logo for your library, send it to me too.



10 Responses to “My library logo. Thoughts appreciated.”

  1. Debra Lynn Says:

    Kim I have never thought about a logo for my very small library but I love your idea. I bought (years ago) little stickers that say “From the library of” to put in my books. I like your idea better.

  2. It seems it would be better as a book plate
    than a book mark, that is where most
    personal library logos go.

    The image would make a nice sticker.

  3. Sylvia Says:

    That’s gorgeous! I’ve been toying with the idea of creating my own bookplates. I don’t think I could do as good a design job as this, though!

  4. val Says:

    good for a personal logo

  5. connie Says:

    I just looked at all the pictures of peoples bookshelves. Wonderful. Our local library has book sales and so does the adult learning center. I can buy them pretty cheap so I have lots of books, and not enough time to read them.

  6. Celise Says:

    That’s a really cool idea. But since I clean out my shelves once a yr and donate to the public library, I’m sure they prefer a clean book. And my library would have to be something about romance because that’s all I read: adult romance books.

    HOWEVER, I plan to open a non-profit writing center for teens some day and plan to have a bookstore/reading room. I think this would be a great idea for the books I plan to get. In case a book gets removed from the “library”, there would be some sort of “book plate” in it so people–if they were inclined–would know who to send it to.

    • Dani Hall Says:

      I know some people worry about book plates stuck into books they have given away. I quite like it when I buy a second hand book and you can see who else has owned it. On older books you sometimes even get a list of different names, some crossed out. What a history!
      I did wonder if someone should invent a sort of post-it note style bookplate so you could remove it if necessary (and re-use).

  7. Kim Says:

    Thank you so much for your kind words about my logo!

  8. I like it. Are you going to add any colors? If so, what are they?

  9. Geff Beorg Says:

    Pretty cool logo, I like how you incorporated your name into it. Now all you need is super rare and expensive books so that every book collector would know that logo 🙂 Think big!

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