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Latvian shelves August 4, 2009

Filed under: Furniture — Kim @ 3:07 am

A strange title to start a post with, Latvian shelves. I know. It has a reason though. As a big fan of all sorts of art, I am noticing for a while now that there are some interesting artists in the relatively new members of the European Union. Artists that were hardly noticed in the Western European member states before. Latvia is one of those countries. It joined the EU in May 2004. Even though the middle point of Europe is positioned in their country, we know little about it.

I am pleased, therefor, that the next artist has been brought to my attention. Stanislav Katz from the Latvian capital of Riga, has made a couple of beautiful book cabinets. The Latvian membership of the EU has provided us with a good chance these cases  might be available throughout Europe soon… Click here to learn more.

Thanks to Phoenix for the link!

2 Responses to “Latvian shelves”

  1. cjz111 Says:

    This is great. I am 1/2 Latvian and have been admiring these shelves (in cyberspace). I think it is wonderful of you to showcase the work of individuals from other countries, regions, etc.

  2. Jack Says:

    It looks really nice!

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