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Amazing bookish paintings June 6, 2009

Filed under: Art — Kim @ 12:21 am

It is fantastic when the love for things get combined. My obvious love for books and my love of art. Quite a few artists make paintings of books. The Australian Victoria Reichelt (1979) is one of them. She paints modern books, which is quite different. Her style, realism, makes the books and other objects almost touchable. Love it! Click here to go to her website.

Another  artist that makes book paintings, he does not paint anything else, is the Dutch Gerd Renshof (1959). I discovered him when I was given a new calender for this year (Click here to see.). Every month has a beautiful picture of old books above it. Closer inspection showed me that it were prints of oil paintings made by this artist. Stunning! Click here to read his website in English.


4 Responses to “Amazing bookish paintings”

  1. severnyproductions Says:

    Those are paintings. At a first look you can’t really tell. Cleverly painted.

  2. Rita Says:

    thanks for introducing me to victoria reichelt’s paintings. i loveeee them 🙂

  3. butterflydreams24 Says:

    Wow those are really really awesome! When I get my own library (we’re planning to buy a house as soon as our appartment is sold) I NEED to get some of Gerd Renshof’s paintings. Do you know how much they cost???

  4. Gerd Renshof Says:

    THANK YOU, Gerd Renshof

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