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Book Storage August 24, 2008

Filed under: Furniture — Kim @ 2:05 am

Two readers e-mailed me three links that all have to do with storing books. The first link is about a very interesting bookcase that can tell you the time too. Click here to see it. The second link is something different. I am not sure it will keep you books secure, but it looks very nice indeed. (See picture below.) Click here to learn more about it.

The last link will tell you how to make your own invisible book shelves, like these. If you are up for some DIY, click here. (Thanks Phoenix and Melodee!)


4 Responses to “Book Storage”

  1. iRise Says:

    Beautiful bookcase…
    I want to make one…

  2. Lotte Says:

    I love the tree branch one…it looks amazing! Not sure if it’ll hold many books, but it sure looks great 😀

  3. sak Says:

    is rare, the guy did it sure finish to th table on board make one.

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