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Flat pack book rest May 24, 2008

Filed under: Handy — Kim @ 3:04 am

There are a couple of reasons I wanted to show you this product, a book rest. Not only is it different from other book rests, but the website about it is beautiful too. The book rest itself is flat and you have to fold it to make it into the actual product. You can keep the book open on the rest by placing a pencil or something like it in the holes on the bottom. The rests come in different designs by different artists, but the idea is from Robert Pachowski.

It is hard to explain how it actually works, so click here for the website.


3 Responses to “Flat pack book rest”

  1. It looks very much like a standard bookstand for displaying books. You can buy foldup paper bookstands made out of cardboard. The main difference is the layout of how the book display is designed. It allows for a wider more stable base, and has those holes in it to put a dowel or peg in.

    The other thing which is interesting, is that it looks to be a lot more portable than standard book display stands.

  2. Thank you for featuring Bookarrest and your kind comments.
    Here’s a couple more points of interest:1. Environmentally sustainable packaging; the polypropylene version, whilst available seperately, also functions as the packaging for the high-tech Hylite-aluminium version. So not only do you get two, there is no packaging to throw away because the packaging is the product.
    2. Durability; my demonstration set (Hylite with PP) is still ok after being folded vigourously for 2136 times.

  3. Veronika Says:

    Where do I buy it?

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