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Personalized books May 1, 2008

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If you are looking for an original gift (for a book lover) a personalized book might be an idea. There are several websites which provide this service. Usually you can choose a book of your liking. You can then choose one or more names that you want to have featured in this book. Below you will find a small selection of websites that provides this type of book. If you have any books or experience with personal books to add, please do so in the comments.

A2Z Personalized Children’s Books

You can choose out of 150 books for children. There are also some titles available for adults. All the books are hardcover and it will cost between twelve and fifteen dollars to have a book made.


This website sells ‘personalized stories for children’. The fun part is that the illustrations are also personalized to look like the child.


This company has only one book on offer, but it adds first, middle and last names to the book. Most other personalized books only have first names.

MadLuck Books

Here you can pick from a variety of themed books for babies, children and adults. The books can have the name, age, home town and other names printed in the story.

A Dutch website that has a choice of books in different themes. You can also choose children’s books and books by The Netherlands most popular crime writer, Appie Baantjer. It is also possible to pick by price.


7 Responses to “Personalized books”

  1. Jim Rohrer Says:

    I just gave my 4 1/2 year old son the “Here There Be Pirates” book from He loves it, though I groan over the story line. The best part, though, is that the book is personalized with both his name and his photo. His face is Photoshopped onto the body of the main character. The effect works surprisingly well.

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    Printakid. I had to give birth to get mine.

    sorry…but my mind blinked when I saw that.

  3. Lucy Says:

    There’s another one Customized Classics at

    Their stuff is for older age groups, they have classic books Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland etc. I have a Romeo and Juliet one with a photo on the cover

  4. KD Novelties also offers personalized children’s books and they have personalized music as well as adorable personalized DVD’s with your child’s picture in the cartoon.

  5. Debra Says:

    I recently purchased a few personalized books from MyFairyTaleBooks over at they have exceptional customer service and even gave me an additional 10% discount on my second order!

  6. lolla Says:

    who is the author?

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