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Online book show March 6, 2008

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An online book show was introduced March 3. The broadcasting takes place via The maker, Daniel Menaker, worked for Random House prior to this adventure. “The show, “Titlepage,” for which Menaker will serve as host and editorial producer, will feature four writers discussing their new books in a roundtable format”, the press release states. (Click here to see the press release.) I have not watched the first episode yet, but it sounds promising. Let me know what you think!


2 Responses to “Online book show”

  1. Sue Eves Says:

    Thanks for the link. I was excited to see this promising new online programme about books but I have to say I found the programme unwatchable. I tried forwarding through the show to find more interesting conversation but sadly, found none.

    The camera angles were quite perculiar and some of the author close-ups distracted from what they were saying. The low production values didn’t give this idea a good start.

  2. kimbooktu Says:

    Let’s hope it gets better along the way…

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