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Reminder: contest February 23, 2008

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As you may have read (here), I am hosting a creative contest which will end March 1. (I have changed the grand prize a little bit.) The winner gets a feature article on this blog. Kimbooktu will conduct an interview with the artist and state their website and contact information in the article. We will also place a banner for the website of the artist on Kimbooktu. Last but not least, I will have the artwork printed and hung it in my library. I will make a photo to prove it.

Since I know there are a lot of creative people reading this blog, I came up with a suitable contest. I would like you to make some artwork for my library. You have no idea how much you, my readers, mean to me. Since most of you are far away, it would be fantastic to have your spirit in my new library.

Since your art will be hung in our library it has to be bookish and printable. Anything goes, as long as you created it. You can take a beautiful photograph of a library. You can draw a reading person. You can make an abstract painting of a book. You can write a poem. Let your love for books and reading run free!

You can click here to learn more and see the entries. You can send your entries here.

The prizes of this contest are sponsored by:

Update: I have extended the deadline to May 1.


3 Responses to “Reminder: contest”

  1. any chance you’ll extend the deadline for submissions?

  2. kimbooktu Says:

    just did it. You now have until May 1. I look forward to seeing your entries.

  3. Did this contest die the 1000 deaths of apathy?

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