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Books to cherish January 18, 2008

Filed under: Bookish Companies — Kim @ 2:40 am

A special bookish friend brought a wonderful publisher to my attention. It is called the Folio Society. This company prints all sorts of books, from science to fiction and everything in between. They have made it their mission to make the books look beautiful.

Special paper, fantastic illustrations and beautiful (natural!) bindings. And for the collectors and other bibliophiles amongst us: all the books come in a slipcase. To top it all off, the books are quite affordable! (But not for yours truly who just bought a house…)

This is a book lover’s dream… I have to say it makes me greedy. I want every book they ever published! Each book is a treasure. The thought and the time put into the printing process is unbelievable. If you click here you will go to their home page. From there you can choose your country and browse their books.

Have fun! And remember: Kimbooktu is not responsible for any debt you got into from looking at this website, haha!

Thanks to my dear bookish friend Martin for the find.


2 Responses to “Books to cherish”

  1. ennavic Says:

    i have a number of books from the Folio Soc. They are wonderful 🙂

  2. Heb je mijn boek al trouwens? Of is ie qua uiterlijk te saai?

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