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Bookmarkophelia January 11, 2008

Filed under: Bookish Companies,Miscellaneous — Kim @ 3:05 am

If you like bookmarks, you have got to love the website of Mirage Bookmark. I do! Okay, it does look sleek and stylish, but that does not mean anything. It is a wonderful website created by people who have a deep love for bookmarks. The site features a most interesting online exhibition of bookmarks. Click here to see it.

The website also writes about the history of bookmarks, click here to read. Next to this, the site has a collection of bookmark quotes, to be found here. Other bookmarkopelia is also present. If you collect bookmarks, you can get in touch with other collector to swap treasures. You can also buy new ones in the gift shop if you like.


One Response to “Bookmarkophelia”

  1. Asim Says:

    If you come across a bookmark quote please send it over to me, I think it will enjoy the company of the others.

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