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What your library says about you… December 9, 2007

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As you probably know, I collect pictures of libraries of ordinary people. People who love to read – and collect – books from all over the world. Every time I get a new ‘library’ I am amazed at how book lover’s keep their possessions. The fun part is; all the libraries have something in common. It is impossible to say who owns which library. All the shelves are loved. And most of the time there is too little space.

Gender, country, religion, color. It is said that ones books say a lot about a person. But all the libraries on Your Shelves! just scream one thing at me. Passion for books. The rest does not matter. It is really about the things in what we are alike. Books.

A bibliophile will never judge a fellow book lover for its taste. The fact that you love books is enough. The fact that you adore the same thing. That you respect and even admire the differences. If every book was the same, it would be boring. Every book tells a different story. I wish we could feel the same about people as well…

And this is why I started Your Shelves! To snoop into other peoples libraries. And to understand that love – for something – is the same everywhere. There are some new shelves for you to admire. Please feel free to e-mail yours…


2 Responses to “What your library says about you…”

  1. I’d love a libray like Lex Luthor in the original Superman film!

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