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Wireless Reading Devices November 24, 2007

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A reader e-mailed me about the following reading gadget. As we do most of the things digital these days, Amazon has introduced a digital reading device. The Kindle. I thought it was proven in the past that this sort of reading gadget is unwanted. It surprises me to see that all sorts of companies market them again.

Not only are these devices bizarrely expensive, you will have to pay extra for a book too. (Imagine the amount of books you can buy for 400 dollars!) And this book will not even get a place in your library, since it is all digital. No flipping of pages, no scribbles in the margin, no amazing cover art. I understand why this e-reading thing failed the first time. I do not understand why the manufacturers try again.

If you are curious, this is the wireless reading device Amazon just introduced. Click here to learn more about the Kindle. And click here to see a video on how to use it.


8 Responses to “Wireless Reading Devices”

  1. Kristy Says:

    I own a Sony E-book reader. I love it. It’s quite similiar to the Kindle except that it’s $99 cheaper and does not have access to amazon or any other internet site. Which is fine by me. I love my e-book reader and here’s why. I can read all those free classic titles for free without any hassle. I can also carry over 150 titles with me anywhere. I have not given up on paper books but think that if we don’t somehow manage to do so smoetime in the future we will simple have no trees left.

  2. Anita Says:

    I want a Kindle so bad I can taste it . . .seriously.

    To be able to get bestsellers immediately for $9.99 – – that’s worth it alone to me. To be able to carry around a variety of books and magazines wherever I go in the size of a paperback. Plus, being totally detached from the computer and still able to download new material. I love it!

    But I will admit that $400 is a bit rich for my taste. But give me color at $249, and I’m all over it.

  3. clary Says:

    I saw this and immediately put it on my Wish List. This one is different from the other readers I’ve seen and you are able to write notes, bookmark, look up a word in a built-in dictionary, etc. I have to grab a book every time I go somewhere specially when I’m travelling. I remember my last travel with a few of my books, it was horrible to haul all the weight, this will solve that problem and I’ll be able to have as many books as I want with me. The price is high but I think is worth it.

  4. […] Wireless Reading Devices « Kimbooktu […]

  5. Both the new sony ebook reader and the amazon ebook reader use a technology called e-ink It is a new medium which combines ink with electronics to form a very high definition screen technology that is also very thin. It is also used in the new mobile phones for their screen technology as well. It opens whole new fields for advertising and print design. Really incredible stuff could be done with this technology. Ultimately, as the technology develops, it may do a lot to reduce the amount of paper we use.

  6. It is also important to note that you cannot use the Kindle everywhere – see for more info

  7. I follow your posts for a long time and must tell you that your posts are always valuable to readers.

  8. T. Roe Says:

    “Wow!” says it all. I researched into the various Reading Devices available, and I’ve seen them physically, and I know that I made the right choice. I read quite a lot, and I am very pleased with the selection and price that the Kindle makes available. The e-paper is fantastic–it’s easy to read from, and the graphics are better than I was expecting. I was amazed at how many free and inexpensive books were available, many of which would be hard to find in print. The Web access is beneficial, especially Wikipedia, and the onboard dictionary definitions at the bottom are very helpful. It’s light, thin, and I used it for nearly a month without recharging the battery. The money I will save on new books pays for itself on this device, and honestly, aside from being afraid of the initial investment, I can’t think of a negative thing about a Kindle. My co-worker loves his as well, and everyone who has seen it has been impressed. I’m sure I’m not alone in pointing out that a Kindle owner is also a Kindle salesman–more than once I have demonstrated for interested people.

    T. Roe

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