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Spooky libraries November 3, 2007

Filed under: Miscellaneous — Kim @ 3:20 am

I love a good ghost story. Haunted mansions have always attracted my attention. Do not ask me why. Recently I found out about haunted libraries. The people at Book Patrol have written an interesting story about it, complete with links to spooky libraries! You can find the article here.

Apparently, the American Willard Library in Indiana is famous for its hauntings. They even have ‘ghostcams’ so you can spot the ghosts real time (see picture below). The library even went so far as making an URL for their ‘guests’: ““. This library does not appear to be the only one with visitors from the afterlife. Click here to see what Google spits out on haunted libraries.


6 Responses to “Spooky libraries”

  1. Dez Says:

    That is very interesting.When you took this picture, did you think the library was already haunted or did you just set this Ghost cam up to test it ?

  2. emilie Says:

    Hmm is this library like an old time library cuz ive never seen one like it i mean just going inside would give me the creeps well cool

  3. Posty Says:

    A ghost cam is such a cool idea. I recommend “paranormal activity” for anyone interested in webcam type scary movies. But don’t watch it alone – its quite creepy.

  4. ghostluvr Says:

    i lluv ghost stories, but i still dont think there real

  5. katherine gray Says:

    ghost stories are fun and some get to where people spend there life trying to make prof there real

  6. Dee Says:


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