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Bookstore Guide November 3, 2007

Filed under: Book Shops — Kim @ 4:06 am

If you are a book lover who is planning on visiting Europe, you will love this website/blog. If you are from this continent, you must take a look at it! The website I am talking about is Bookstore Guide. It is most probably one of my favorite bookish blog finds recently. (You can also find it in the Bookish Blog Links A-Z.)

Sonja and Ivan have made “an amateur guide to book shopping throughout Europe”. The sidebar already shows a wide variety of cities on which the website has bookstore information. At this moment they have 40 European cities on their list. If you live in Europe, please help Sonja and Ivan by giving them information on your local bookshops. I am sure many bibliophiles will be thankful for your contribution. Note: make sure the bookstores you send in have books in English on their shelves.

Click here to visit the website.



    (Picture: The bookstore I visit often. Verwijs in The Hague, The Netherlands.)

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