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Kimbooktu goes Vegas October 19, 2007

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I have to go to Las Vegas for work from 20 to 27 October, so I am going to leave you for a week. I am quite looking forward to my trip, since I have never been to Vegas before. I would not be Kimbooktu, if I did not check for bookstores in the area. Click on ‘more’ to discover the bookish attraction I will hopefully visit on the strip. And read how you can ‘survive’ without me the next week.

The image is adapted. Click here for the original.

The Reading Room

Apparently there is only one bookstore (that matters) in the vicinity of the strip and that is The Reading Room. The store is located near, almost on, the strip on Mandalay Place. The shop is 93 square meters, which is not big if you take the size of the casinos in account. The shop came as a pleasant surprise though, since I did not expect any bookstores on the strip.


The Reading Room is owned by Melony Vance and Irma Wolfson. Apparently they have a small, but good selection bestsellers, classics and coffee table books. They aim for the forty million tourists a year that visit Vegas. They also have good customers in the students and teachers from the University of Nevada. This is why, as a Dutch website says, they have Plato and Nietzsche on the shelves too.


If I have the opportunity, I will visit the store. I will then write a short story/review about it, to post on Kimbooktu after my return. (Like I did with this store.) If you have visited The Reading Room in Las Vegas, please tell your experiences via the comments. Click here to learn more about the shop.




Kimbooktu Survival Guide


As said, I am not able to supply you with fresh post next week. But please feel free to browse my archives. There is some great stuff in there. You can search via the categories, via the archives sorted by month or via the search screen. All of them are to be found in the side bar.


If that is not enough, you can also browse through the Bookish Blog Links A-Z, to be found in the blue tabs on the top right of your screen. There are some pretty amazing book blogs around, so take a look at the list and discover some great blogs. If you know of one that is not on the list, click here to e-mail it to me.


Next to that, there is also Your Shelves! This special project of mine features pictures of home libraries from people all over the world. You can see how other people store their precious books. I could use some fresh stock, so please feel free to take a picture of your shelves during my absence. It would be fantastic to find some after my return.


If you have found some great bookish product, that will suit Kimbooktu, please let me know! You can send the link to this address. I will miss you!


5 Responses to “Kimbooktu goes Vegas”

  1. JaneFan Says:

    Have a safe trip! I have never been to Vegas, but may have a chance to go next year. If so, I will have to go to The Reading Room.

    They even have a Socrates Cafe group that meets tuesday nights. How cool! I read about these groups in philosophy class in college, but have never found one.

  2. kimbooktu Says:

    @ JaneFan: If all goes well I can tell you everything about it next week.

    Right now, I am too nervous to sleep…

  3. Roger Says:

    I found these bookstores in City Search

    These looked interesting and/or quirky and had a review.

    Psychic Eye Book Shop
    6848 W Charleston Blvd
    Las Vegas, NV 89117-1634
    Phone: (702) 255-4477

    Dead Poet Books
    937 S Rainbow Blvd
    Las Vegas, NV 89145-6230
    Phone: (702) 227-4070

    Reading Room
    3930 Las Vegas Blvd S Ste 201A
    Las Vegas, NV 89119
    Phone: (702) 632-9374

    Have a great trip!

  4. kimbooktu Says:

    @ Roger:

    I wish I read about that sooner. I would have loved to see Dead Poet Books. The name of the store is great. (I’m a big fan of Dead Poets Society.)

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