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Page turning book gadget October 9, 2007

Filed under: Handy,Humour — Kim @ 8:30 pm

I read most of the answers fellow bloggers gave to the Kimbooktu Meme. It was fun to read that most of us book lovers long for a book gadget that holds the book and turns the pages. Some ‘inventor’ probably read your minds…

In this case, the page turning gadget is used for comics, but I think it can be used for ‘real’ books too. You put your book in, press the button and it flips the pages for you. Convenient when you are snacking whilst reading. No greasy fingers on the pages. You can find the ‘machine’ here. Or click here to see it in action in a You Tube film.


2 Responses to “Page turning book gadget”

  1. Wow, this could be useful for mothers with newborn babies. For example, you could be feeding your baby and still read a book at the same time!! Too cool!

  2. kimbooktu Says:

    Oh yeah, it has all sorts of purposes. Feeding, snacking and what ever more!

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