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Your Home Library is now: Your Shelves! September 29, 2007

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Even though the ‘Your Home Library’ project has slowed down a little, I decided to give it a domain name of its own. This way, I hope more bookish enthusiasts will find their way to the libraries you have sent me. Even more so, I hope that new libraries will come in so the project will take off like I hoped.

Since the domain “” was already taken, I went for “”. To make sure people do not get confused, I changed to name of the blog to Your Shelves! If you have linked to the website, do not worry. The WordPress address still works fine. I am sorry for the inconvenience.

If you have not linked to the project yet, I would really appreciate it. The same goes for your libraries a.k.a. shelves. If you have not sent in your library yet, I really hope you will do so. Click here to go to the brand new

Patricia’s shelves


One Response to “Your Home Library is now: Your Shelves!”

  1. I just came across this site on Google the other day and I find it entrancing. I especially like that most of the people’s whose libraries are on it seem to be ordinary people like myself, rather than those who live in mansions. I’ve been squinting at their shelves to see if I can find out the names of the books, but can manage only some of them. Still, it’s brilliant. Thanks!

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