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My library September 18, 2007

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I have shown you my library via the Your Home Library website a couple of months ago. As said, I would post a better picture. And so I have. In fact, my library looks a bit different now. Of course. Libraries keep on changing. No matter if it’s a library as an institution or a library at home. The beautiful thing of a library is that it keeps evolving.

Before and after

And so does mine. Ehrm… Ours. Below you can see a before and after picture, as posted them on the site. The after picture is taken less then an hour ago. The biggest change is that the cabinets are now on both sides. We had to buy another cabinet because the others were full. This caused me to make the room more symmetrical and line them up on opposite sides.

In the lower left corner you can see my desk, where I always sit to write you. I actually hate having a computer in my library. This modern machinery looks so out of place. Since I have no other place to put it, the library has to put up with it.


As I told you earlier, I have joined LibraryThing. I spend hours scanning our books, which was actually a lot of fun. You can find the actual books of our library here. (There is also a button in the side bar.) I have made the categories in English, so you should be able to understand if you do not speak Dutch. Of course, the majority of our books is not in English.

Again, it (almost) becomes boring, I would like to appeal to you to submit your Home Library. If you are on LibraryThing (or another online catalog), send me the link too! I will place it along with your picture and the description of your library. (If you already send me a picture, I would like to receive your LibraryThing link too!

Before (left) and after.


2 Responses to “My library”

  1. There is something about a real library in one’s home. You just can’t beat it for sophistication and yet it doesn’t have to be sophisticated. It isn’t an elite pastime. Reading is such a gift.

    I dream of having a house big enough so that I can have one whole room devoted to books with shelves and those sliding ladders and a balcony – how ’bout that?

  2. I share that dream as well. I’ve always wanted a nice home office/library. When i was finally ready to buy cabinets i decided to go with a site that offers great customization at discount prices. They also ship anywhere in the US.

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