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Bookish wedding September 12, 2007

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Allison has sent me some pictures of her bookish themed wedding. She got married in July to the man she met at the library they worked at. I only had the bookish cake, but they took it one step further. It looks great! See the pictures below to get inspired for your own (future) wedding.

The cake


The center pieces


The seating cards

Thanks to Allison for her permission to post the pictures.


2 Responses to “Bookish wedding”

  1. That book-cake looks beautiful, and inspiring! And I love all the book details that Allison and Tim put into their wedding–the library cards as seating charts, the books as center pieces. It’s both beautiful and fitting for two book lovers and people who work at the library. Thank you, Kim, for showing us (I love book-related things like this), and thank you, Allison, for sending it to Kim’s blog!

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