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Book Cover Meme September 9, 2007

Filed under: Meme — Kim @ 4:04 am

There is a new bookish meme on the block! The idea behind this one, is quite nice. Pretty Good on Paper tagged me. The idea came from Cavan, who thought it would be interesting to do a meme on book covers. My mission was simple: enter your first name in Amazon and choose the first book that is most interesting or amusing.

Before I entered my name, I knew what book would come up. You might have guessed it. It is this one:

The book is about a boy, who is actually called Kimball ‘O Hara. You can learn more about the book here. Now I will tag three bookish bloggers to do the same (go to Amazon, type your name, choose the first book that seems interesting).

I choose: Austen-tatious, because I am so curious to learn her first name. Next is the author of Wormbook, because I cannot imagine a book with the name Ellen in it. Last I tag Sylvia of the Classical Bookworm, just to see if Sylvia Plath comes up.


4 Responses to “Book Cover Meme”

  1. Sylvia Says:

    Heh. I tried it even before I got to where you tagged me. Stay tuned…

  2. Lindsay Says:

    i love memes… “darkly dreaming dexter” was my book. how deliciously spooky 🙂

  3. kimbooktu Says:

    @ Lindsay: I love that title!

  4. […] a fun new meme via Kimbooktu. Type your name into the Amazon search box and post your favourite cover. I picked […]

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