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Altered books August 24, 2007

Filed under: DIY — Kim @ 1:07 am

This is bookish hobby is HOT. Altered books are some sort of scrap booking that involves books. I just heard of it myself, since it has not blown over to my country yet. I have searched the web to find you the most fun and informative links.

First, what are ‘altered books’? Wikipedia is here to inform you. Click here to learn! There is even a society of ‘Altered Book Artists’, to be found here. Then, if you are ready, click here to get hands on for a how-to. On this page, you will find more projects and techniques.

There is even a book out on this craft, to be found here. And of course, there is a You Tube film that shows you how to do it in real life. Click here to view. Good luck and have fun!


4 Responses to “Altered books”

  1. Rachel Green Says:

    You cannot mention altered books without mentioning my dear friend Tom Phillips, who eploded the whole altered books scene in the sixties.

    Check out “A Humument” (link of the left of his home page)

  2. Genevieve Foskett Says:

    Altered Arts magazine is great resource for altered book projects as well as examples of others’ work in all kinds of “altered” art.

    “Providing inspiration for altered book and collage artists.”

  3. kimbooktu Says:

    @ Rachel and Genevieve: Thank you so much for posting the links!

    @ Rachel: I did not realize this hobby had such a long past!

  4. BRADY Says:


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