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Bookish Eye Glass case August 23, 2007

Filed under: Gifts,Handy — Kim @ 9:10 am

If you use glasses, you need to protect them. Why not do this in a bookish way? This case looks the part and at under seven dollars, it is not too expensive as well. I love it, even while I do not use glasses. But then again, maybe I can put my sunglasses in there! You can find it here. The same website also has a pouch to put pens and stuff in. This also comes with a bookish theme. You can find this product on this page.



2 Responses to “Bookish Eye Glass case”

  1. claudecf Says:

    What an interesting blog! I landed here, coming from the wordpress forums, where we both mentioned a problem with the next page link.
    For years, I have been looking for some book support that would make it easy to read in bed. Maybe you’ve heard of something.

  2. kimbooktu Says:


    Thanks for your kind words! I might be able to help you with you reading in bed problem. I have posted about some handy bed time reading products in the past.


    I hope this helps you!

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