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Reading in a bookshelf July 11, 2007

Filed under: Art,Furniture — Kim @ 11:00 am

What a great piece of art! How fantastic it would be to become one (great Faithless song by the way) with your bookshelves. This artist has created the booklover’s dream. And it looks good too! Click here to read the New York Times article on it. Click here to go to the website of the designer. If you have anything like this in your home library, send me a picture! (Check the blue tab on the upper right of your screen.)

Thanks to Bonnie and Jennifer for the suggestion!


6 Responses to “Reading in a bookshelf”

  1. Heather Says:

    This would be fabulous in my book nook which really only has room for my bookcase!!

  2. kimbooktu Says:

    Have a picture of your book nook?

  3. cfgc Says:

    This is most wonderful, but now my wife wants me to attempt to make her one to fit in our house!

  4. kimbooktu Says:

    @ cfgc: that’s so funny, because I was planning on asking my husband for the same….

    Anyway. Good luck! Send me some pictures of the result!

  5. Peyton Says:

    Where would I get a bookshelf like that. I am a kid that wants to put a small library in his room. Unfortunately, my bedroom is small and has absolutely no room for extra seating. HELP!

  6. Aylin Says:

    Maybe you can put a bookshelf on top of a little table even if it isn’t like this you can still have a little library…
    …did that help?

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