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Your home library July 8, 2007

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I have been about wondering your home libraries for some time now. I have always been interested in libraries, big and small. Since most of my readers have a passion for books, I am wondering what their library looks like.

I have decided to be bold and just ask you! It won’t be a contest for the most beautiful library. (I just had a contest and one a year is enough.) So, just humour me – and the other readers – by sending in a picture of your home library. It does not have to be a proper library, like you see in fancy houses. It could be just a space in a room that is dedicated to your book collection. No matter how big or small: I would love to see it!

The photo’s will be posted on a special page, to be found on the upper right of the page in the blue colored tag section. My home library is already on there, go check it out and let me know what you think.

What to do?

Just send one good photo of your library. Please make sure the picture is exactly 500 pixels wide if horizontal. You can add a couple of lines describing your library, but make sure it does not exceed a hundred words (or five lines in Word). Please state your name and where you are from in you e-mail.

Send your photo via this e-mail link.


3 Responses to “Your home library”

  1. --Deb Says:

    Well, you know, I’d love to play, but there’s no way to get my entire library . . . or even most of it . . . ito one photo. I’ve got over 2900 books and have bookcases and re-purposed closets full of them all over the house. I can give you an idea, though–see?

  2. Jennie Says:

    What library is in the picture?!

  3. kimbooktu Says:

    @ Deb: Wow! I envy you, so much. Books everywhere! And so much! Would love one good picture for the Home Library Gallery, though.

    @ Jennie: It is the Trinity College Library in Dublin (’t it fantastic? They almost have the same amount of books as Deb!

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