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Poll: who should win? June 10, 2007

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As you know the Kimbooktu Contest has ended. Since I applaud democracy, I would like you to have a say in who are going to be the winners.

Help me pick the winners by choosing out of these 16 contestants. (Learn more about the entries here.) Post your top 3 in the comments. Or take this survey to make it easy for me. You can choose from:

Hair Slide by Kira

Personal Book Mobile by Christin, Carrie and Pavreen

Book Notes by Kimberly

Mood Book Necklace by Patricia

Bookloopnote by Dane

Bookweight by Chris

Book Filler by Sulz

Reading book project by Sulz

Leave me alone, I´m reading by Elizabeth

Reading is my vice by Chella

The Lexiglass by Arlen

Book Collar by Renee

Slip Notes by Lauren and Morgan

Book Pager by Shannon

Book Cloak by Kate

Book Bag by Rick


15 Responses to “Poll: who should win?”

  1. Arlen Says:

    FYI: have you tried It allows one hundred free online polling responses from a survey that you create.

  2. Reagen Says:

    Top 3 (in no particular order):

    1) Book Notes
    2) Book Bag
    3) Mood Book Necklace

  3. Sarah Says:

    1) Book notes
    2) Reading book project
    3) Leave me alone, I’m reading

  4. kimbooktu Says:

    @ Arlen: thank you for the link. I have made a poll via this website as an extra service.

    @ Others: Keep your top 3 lists coming, I need the imput! You have an important say about who are going to be the winners!

  5. judy24 Says:

    a lot of great ideas!
    1) book notes
    2) bookloopenotes
    3) book collar

  6. All of them are very creative ideas! I’ll put my vote in for these three:
    Reading book project
    Mood Book Neclace
    Book Notes

  7. Heleen Heusdens Says:

    book notes

  8. Henk Says:

    Slip Notes, Reading is my vice, Book Filler

  9. --Deb Says:

    My votes, in no particular sequence:


  10. JaneFan Says:

    What creative ideas – It was hard to choose! I just voted via the Zoomerang survey. Can’t wait to see who wins. 🙂

  11. Melissa Says:

    1) Book Notes
    2) Bookweight
    3) SlipNotes

  12. Elizabeth Says:

    1: slip notes
    2: book notes
    3: mood book necklace

  13. Brandi Says:

    They are all great ideas, but here are my top 3 in no particular order:

    Slip Notes
    Book Bag
    Book Filler

  14. Andy Says:

    Book Cloak by Kate is useful and doable and gets my only vote

  15. The Devil's Daughter Says:

    Slip Notes by Lauren and Morgan

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