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Bookish stationary cabinet June 5, 2007

Filed under: Gifts — Kim @ 11:49 am

Unfortunately I do not get to write much ‘real’ letters these days. I write a card to a friend every once in a while, but that is it. A shame, really. After seeing this very pretty stationary cabinet, I am even more sorry. I would love to own it, but since I do not write letters I have no use for it. If you do, you can find it directly here. Or click here to see the cabinet and more bookish goodies.


2 Responses to “Bookish stationary cabinet”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Never give up on old fashioned letter writing. Not only is it fun to use nice stationary but I get enjoyment out of buying pretty stamps and dropping my letters into the mailbox, knowing that it will surprise the person at the other end.

  2. kimbooktu Says:

    Good on you! I know. Every time a receive a card or letter, it feels like a special gift.

    I have one friend in particular who is in the habit of dropping me a line in her hieroglyph handwriting. I save everything she sends me with great care. Not only because of her kind words, but also because of the effort she puts in choosing cards and stamps. The fact that she does that for me makes it extra special.

    Sometimes the cards come when I have a bad day. That is instantly over when I see an envelope with her handwriting on the doormat. Every time I get inspired and tell myself to do the same for others. But I do not write them as often as I would like….

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