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Funny library films May 27, 2007

Filed under: Bookish You Tube,Humour — Kim @ 10:52 pm

I found these films on You Tube last week, but did not have the time to post them. The first one is of Mr. Bean who goes to the library. I laughed so hard my stomach hurt. It is about nine minutes long and pretty predictable. Every time you think: “No, he is not really going to…” And then he does. And even worse then you thought. Hilarious!

This next film is equally funny. Even though I am almost thirty, I find Sesame Street fantastic. This clip of three minutes is about Cookie Monster who visits a library. The ending of it almost literally made me roll on the floor and laugh out loud.


5 Responses to “Funny library films”

  1. phoenix Says:

    I LOVE COOKIE MONSTER! Thanks for posting that. 🙂

  2. kimbooktu Says:

    I know! He is so funny! I was amazed when I read a while ago that Cookie Monster is not allowed to eat cookies anymore. This because he supposedly gives the ‘wrong’ example to children. Bizar! How is Cookie Monster to blame for overweight children?

  3. phoenix Says:

    OMG, yes! My (Dutch!) cousin first brought that story to my attention and I’m still mad about it! People need to take responsibility for how they raise their children – if Johnny is getting fat, maybe Johnny should be outside kicking a ball or riding a bike instead of sitting in front of the TV playing video games. And perhaps they should be feeding their kids healthy, home-cooked meals instead of ready-made/instant slop because it’s convenient. (OK, rant over.)

    I should add that I have 2 Cookie Monster dolls – Tickle Me Cookie Monster and the Yum Yum Cookie Monster. 😉

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